ReVERB 2012 Report

Reverb – Mayan Mysteries was flagged off on the 15th of February, 2012, after almost 3 months of careful planning and hard work by the faculty and students of Symbiosis Institute of Technology. The opening ceremony was held at the Symbiosis International University’s Auditorium at the Lavale Hill Top Campus, with the guest of honor being Mr AdilAman,  a renowned theatre personality, who along with Dr. T.P. Singh, Director SIT, declared the event open. The ceremony was a colourful one with a fusion dance perform as well as the launch of the first ever college newsletter.

Once the festivities started, the stage was set for the first competitive event “Natrang”, which was an open Dramatics Event. The audience experienced a host of emotions, and lauded the performances one after the other. And while this wonderful show went on, various other events took place across the campus. LAN Gaming was an adrenaline charged event with participants sweating it out in the virtual world. The Treasure Hunt went one step further with its clues and mysteries hidden across not just the campus, but the whole of Pune city. And then, to end the successful day of celebrating talent, the Pro Nite with performances from the bands Blakc and Something Relevant, left the crowds feeling high.

If first day was about culture and fun, the second day belonged to the Technical skills and knowledge as students from across the city participated in the 4 major technical events. The ENTC department held “ProeliumSapienta” , a unique challenge for those proficient in the electronics domain. Department of Civil Engineering hosted “CapoMastro”, an event to test the capability to design buildings and architecture. Mechanical Engineering students organised the Junkyard Wars event named “Iron Lion Zion”, whereas Department of Computer Science held the “Codurance” event, a coding competition which tested the endurance of participants. After the intense competitions during the day, the evening was taken over by enchanting dance performances in the group and solo dance competitions, a magical display of culture and talent.

Day three kept the momentum going with the mini –sports events like Box Cricket, Pool, Ring Football and Blind Volley. The scorching sun was nothing but a backdrop for the extremely motivated participants. Back indoors, the creative and literary events went on, with the Creative Writing and Photography Events, where imagination painted some beautiful scenes with pictures and words. As the sun set, the stage was ready to host a musical extravaganza. First was the solo singing competition, “Vocal Adrenaline”, where the melodious voices won over the audience’s heart. And once the singing concluded,  it was time for some hard core metal music with the blaring drums and the screaming guitars in the Battle of the Bands event, “Mosh”. The crowd cheered and “headbanged” to no end, a memorable sight for everyone present.
The final day, saw some offbeat events steal the limelight, with “SuperChef” the cookery competition,” Man v/s Food” the eating competition and “Mock Stock”,  a simulation trading competition. The high noon got pretty intense with heated arguments during the debate, termed “Rebuttal”. There was also a bit in store for the artistic minds, with shoe and face painting competitions. The final roll of events began with the Short Film Making event, followed by one last magnificent display of fashion in “Your Way on the Runway”. Once the curtains were drawn on the final event, and the organizing team had taken their bows, it was time to let your hair down and dance through the DJ Nite.
While the events formed the centre of attraction, there were factors without which the fest would have been a pale shadow of what it was. Our sponsors, led by Venkys India Ltd. , provided the resources to pull off the event. Notable contributions by ITC, MTV, Radio City, Inorbit Mall, Spykar and many others were critical in making the Reverb a success. In addition, the various food and game stalls kept the atmosphere alive throughout the day. Last but by no means the least, the support from students, faculty, staff and administration of SIT was phenomenal in every way, and Reverb was nothing but a tribute to all of them.

By RohanSood,
Cultural Secretary,
Reverb 2012