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B.Tech First Year Admission

Program Overview

Department of Engineering at SIT Pune, one of the Best B.Tech Colleges in Pune, thrives to accomplish its goal to develop world class engineers by providing a strong foundation.

With an orientation of interdisciplinary teaching of fundamental courses in Science & Engineering such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Communication skills, the department has also enriched its curriculum by introducing courses such as Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Tinker lab which are essential to develop an all-round personality with innovative and creative mind.

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The department at SIT Pune, one of the leading B.Tech Engineering Colleges in Pune, has a team of highly experienced, professionally competent and research intensive faculty, dedicated staff and research scholars. The teaching faculty of the department have received Research grants/Fellowships from reputed National organisations such as national and international funding agencies such as DST, UGC-DAE, DRDO, MHRD, Govt. of India etc. The main research domains of the department are Composite Materials, Condensed Matter Physics, Wastewater treatment, Mathematical modelling of fluid flow, non-linear waves, Numerical techniques, Nanotechnology, Thin film Physics, Biofluid Mechanics, Electroosmosis, Nanofluids, Heat and Mass Transfer, Singular Perturbation Boundary Value Problems, Spline Methods.

The Applied Science department fosters the academically conducive environment by inviting distinguished scientists, academicians and industrialists to deliver talks and interact with the students. The department has well equipped labs and makes effective use of IT and digital technology as part of its teaching learning pedagogy.

Highlights of the department:

  1. Three Week-long Induction programme involving Academic, Social, Cultural activities and also addressing Physical and Emotional well-being of the students.
  2. Inclusion of courses like Creative Thinking/Critical Thinking in the curriculum to develop higher order thinking skills among the students.
  3. Interinstitutional Courses-Fitness for Life, DBM, Covid Care for Society.
  4. Emphasis on experiential learning through Projects, field trips, Tinker lab etc. 
  5. Mentor-Mentee system to facilitate the progress of the students.
  6. Workshops on Ancient Knowledge System (Vedic Maths, Yoga, Video Screening on Technology in Ancient India).
  7. Skill development Workshops (Soft Skills, Cloud Computing).
  8. Mentoring by Industry Experts, Guest lectures, Workshops.
  9. Global Immersion program with renowned foreign universities.
  10. Invited talks, lectures by distinguished International faculty.
  11. Research grants received from UGC-DAE, DRDO, DST-SERB, SIU.

Research at Applied Science Department

  • Research grants of more than Rs 1 crore is received from Government and non-governmental agencies DST, SERB, DRDO, UGC-DAE, AICTE
  • More than 117 Research publications in International journals indexed in SCOPUS/WOS 
  • 10 Patents published
  • 17 research publications & 9 book chapters with International collaborations
  • 2 research scholars invited at Centre for Advanced Materials, Qatar University for Research and the trip was fully sponsored by Qatar University. 

Department Laboratories

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Language Lab

Research Laboratories

  • Material Research Lab
  • Nanomaterial for Energy Application Lab
  • Composite Material Lab


Mentoring is one of the most important and essential cell of the department. Mentoring enables student to adjust, grow, learn, transform, and accomplish goals in the new environment of their college life.


Soft Skills Development of the students

Being one of the highly ranked B.Tech Colleges in Pune, SIT conducts various activities, sessions and exercises year round for developing soft skills of students. We have a well-set up language lab which develops LSWR skills in students as well as focuses on vocabulary development and grammar. Dr Neha Divekar and Dr Niva Devi Sharma also conducts corporate training for varied companies to enhance soft skills of the employees. Dr Neha also conducts regular TED talk sessions for the faculty, staff and students at SIT. In addition, MUN sessions are also organized and conducted by students of SIT.

Soft Skills Development of the students

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning