Technical Events


Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune hosted a ProTech23 event on 29th April, and we are thrilled to announce that the event featured a special guest, Mr. Vaidya shared his valuable knowledge and experience with the attendees. The Protech included various interactive project, and poster competitions designed to engage and challenge the participants. We would like to thank all the participants, sponsors, and organizers for making this event a huge success. Posting the winning team TSSM'S Bhivrabai Sawant POLYTECHNIC NARHE with project of Hybrid Bike.



Civil Engineering Department

Capomaestro 2022 | SIT Pune

A detailed report_Capomaestro2022
Annual Tech Fest
Civil Engineering Department, SIT, Pune


CAPOMAESTRO is the annual technical festival of the Civil Engineering Department, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune. To promote students to innovate, establish and perceive interesting events and competitions. We have been organizing many amazing competitions like Constructo, Dimensions, and many more, and this year too we have maintained our level. We have raised the bar by holding a bunch of interesting competitions like Mix Design, Poster presentation, etc. Not just this, we are organizing various webinars on interesting subjects and software like Revit. This is the first time that a core branch like Civil which is all about hands-on practicing, has come up with events on both the offline and online platforms. Finally attending the CAPOMAESTRO night, the official ending of the TECHFEST.

Techfest Promotional Activities and Response:

  • Registrations from more than 100 different Institutions all across India including polytechnic colleges, Engineering Institutes, Management Institutes, Commerce Institutes, and working professionals.
  • Registrations from more than 15 states of India as well as international participation
  • Dare to compete for several views of more than 15000.
  • Workshop participation of more than 200 for each workshop.
  • Total participation in Capomaestro 2022 events: More than 2500 from outside SIT!

Civil Engineering students designed their own website for Tech Fest promotion.

Tech Fest sponsorship from Bentley Education, Ashoka Construction Company, Salvi Steel, and Promotion of Capomaestro events and pre-Techfest workshops on cess_civil_sit have 154 followers.



Events put up for publicity on Dare to Compete for website:








Team Capomaestro organized pre-Techfest workshops. More than 200 participants from outside SIT registered for each workshop. Detailed workshop reports are attached separately.


2 Days workshop on Revit from 5th April to 6th April 2022

Registration Link: -

1 Day workshop on Autodesk Revit on 7th April 2022


Registration Link: -




1 Day workshop on Bentley Context Capture on 8th April 2022



Registration Link: -

1 Day workshop on Laser Cutting on 9th April 2022









About the workshop: -

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut out patterns, engrave or etch different materials. The focused laser beam is directed at the material, using laser optics and CNC (computer numerical control) which then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. It is a great technology that is implemented in several industries due to its versatility as well as accurate cutting. With laser cutting, we can aim for a greener environment using lesser energy as it cuts down carbon footprint as well as reduces metal waste. With the world moving at a faster rate, Laser Cutting technology will not only provide an energy-efficient production solution but also improve the speed and ease of any project.

In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of the Laser Cutting process for prototyping any product along with several concepts related to it. All, those who want to improve their design and explore this technology can join the workshop.



Event: Dimensions

Event Head: Nishit Kishore
Judged by: Vinay Jatti, Amar Jain, Sayali Sandbhor
About the Event: -

Dimensions are one of the creative interesting events which would deal with designing and building innovative structure models with precision and accuracy. Problem Statement: Test your structural proportioning skills by participating in 'dimensions' which is Inspired by the famous under construction project Dubai creek tower. Get your measurements right with precision and accuracy and build the tallest suspension cable-supported building to withstand the two most powerful forces of nature- wind and earthquake load, the basic parameters of this event, and with exciting prizes. The problem statement was given to the participants along with the materials they needed. They have to make a model of a G+ 8 building of any shape.






  1. Devansh Agrawal, Mansi Asati, Samyak Rai
  2. Rahul Pawar, Sanket Dengale, Tanishq Vinode, Kedar Thakar
  3. Tirth Vaddoria, Utkarsh Sahu, Ratnagiree Chhipa

Link for Registrations:

Event: Constructo

Event head: Saketh Bharthipudi
Judged by: Sayali Apte, Rushikesh Kulkarni

About the event: -

Constructo is a creative interesting event that would deal with designing and building innovative structure models. Constructo is one of the oldest and main events of Capomaestro which will serve as a medium to understand the cultural engineering and the technological spectrum that humankind has achieved. The event will help the students grow as individuals and serves as an opportunity of a lifetime to understand the basic of Civil Engineering.

The participants are required to build a floating structure using the materials provided in a limited duration of time in which a part of the structure will be submerged and open to the air as well. The structure should be able to resist the waves and float.

Problem Statement - Design and build a floating structure where a part of the structure will be submerged and open to the air as well.
Structure: - tower or bridge

    Specification: -
  • Dimensions of the structure: - height: in range of 30 cm to 60 cm; width: maximum 25 cm
  • Height of structure to a depth of submerged part ratio= 3:1





  1. Rahul Pawar, Sanket Dengale, Tanishq Vinode, Yash Padale
  2. Mansi Asati, Monika Gandhi, Sweta Thakur, Purwal
  3. Pranav Jadhav, Tirth Vaddoria, Utkarsh Sahu

Link for Registrations:

Event: Poster Presentation

Event head: Saloni Sawant
Judged by: Mugdha kshirsagar, Humera Khanum, Sayali Apte

About the event: -

Present your ongoing or finished project in the most creative way you can. If you are a research enthusiast and feel that you can make an impression with your extraordinary demonstrating skills then the Department of Civil Engineering invites you to participate in Technical Poster Presentation 2022. The team should consist of a maximum of 4 members.

Individual participation was allowed. The date of submission was April 9th, 2022. The preferred language was English.

Link for Registrations:

Fun Events:

Amidst all the productivity all day, the mind needs time to take a break. In between all the activities, light-minded yet super fun games are planned for everybody to sit down and have fun.

The goal is to keep everybody in a good mood to stay fresh and active throughout the day. We organized various fun events like Symbi Derby. We also hosted a few Bingo games for the participants.






  1. Shirya Gupta
  2. Tarun Rao
  3. Kunal Kale

Link for Registrations:


CESS Team planned three major technical events along with fun events. Capomaestro hosted more than 3000 participants for its both offline and online events. It was a grand success. The closing ceremony was organized by the CAPOMAESTRO team.

Our sponsors and collaborators had joined as well where they motivated our student team and participants to work smartly and wisely in their respective pathways to success and career.

Cess team and faculty


Cess team and faculty

Cess team and faculty with the winner of Constructo Event


Participant of Constructo Event doing the testing of the model in water tank

Dimensions Event in the GT Lab

Prof.Mugdha Kshirsagar explaining the Participants about the Dimensions Event in the GT Lab

International Youth and Sustainability Festival ‘22

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) in collaboration with ExploreiT , Climate Reality Project-India and Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative organized a two day International Youth and Sustainability Festival (IYSF) on 23rd and 24th April 2022 at Symbiosis Viman Nagar Campus. The festival was inaugurated by eminent personalities including Dr. Kunal Khemnar, Additional Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation; Mr. Krishnan Komundur, CEO, Adar Poonawala Clean City Initiative; Mr. Aniruddha Shahapure, Chief Knowledge Officer, Pune Smart City; Dr. Erach Bharucha, Renowned Author and Environmentalist; Dr. Arundhati Warke, Deputy Director Academics- Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT), Mr. Shivam. Singh, Founder ExploreiT and Prof. Dr. Kanchan Khare, Head of Civil Engineering Department, SIT. From Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Dr. Shirin Shikalgar, In charge, Service Learning Centre; Prof. Dr. Kanchan Khare and Prof. Mugdha Kshirsagar, Civil Engineering Department organized and coordinated the festival in association with ExploreiT.

The festival gave a platform to young minds to discuss the possible ways to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and go carbon neutral by 2030. 

International youth and sustainability festival 2022
International Youth and Sustainability Festival ‘22
International Youth and Sustainability Festival

International Youth and Sustainability Festival - SIT
International Youth and Sustainability Festival - Event
International Youth and Sustainability Festival - SIT student

6th National Convention on Ferrocement

The 6th National Convention on Ferrocement was jointly organised by the Ferrocement Society (India) and the Civil Department of Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT Pune), providing a forum for architects, civil engineers and working professionals across India. The event was available for foreign delegates as well in online mode. Topics discussed in this convention included, but were not limited to, projects, R&D in Precast Ferrocement components, necessity of precast for components, types and techniques for moulds, types of matrix-cement mortar, techniques for precasting and meshes, water conservation, Hybrid or composite construction using ferrocement components, and so on.

6th National Convention on Ferrocement
6th National Convention on Ferrocement - FS2021
6th National Convention on Ferrocement at SIT
National Convention on Ferrocement at SIT


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Students’ Chapter at Civil Engineering Department was established in 2021. Since then, the chapter has been very actively organizing various events and participating in various activities held by ASCE.

ASCE Students’ Chapter at SIT Pune
SIT ASCE Students’ Chapter
All India 2nd rank by ASCE Students Chapter
Anchorage - SIT Pune

The core team has put in day and night efforts for more than 7 months in making it happen. It took more than 100s of concrete mix designs, countless simulations of canoe design and selecting the best out of hundreds of materials based on characteristic properties to finalize the best combination!

The International Youth and Sustainability Festival on 23 rd and 24th April 2022

We are delighted to invite you to be a part of  The International Youth and Sustainability Festival on 23 rd and 24th April 2022 jointly hosted by ExploreiT, Department of Civil Engineering, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, SCOPE & The Climate Reality Project, India. 

Venue-Symbiosis International (Deemed University)-Viman Nagar, Old Campus.

The International Youth and Sustainability Festival 22

The International Youth and Sustainability Festival 22
The International Youth and Sustainability Festival 22

6th National Convention on Ferrocement

Civil Engineering Department, SIT is jointly organizing 6th National Convention on Ferrocement from 12th to 14th November 2021 with Ferrocement Society of India.
This "6th National Convention on Ferrocement" with Precast Ferrocement as this year's theme, would be held at Firodiya Auditorium, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune. 
Link for Registration: 

6th National Convention on Ferrocement


TECHELA is the annual tech-fest of Symbiosis Institute of Technology hosted by the CS-IT Department. This year the AIML Department also became a part of this prestigious techfest. TECHELA 7.0 based on the theme ‘INTO THE METAVERSE’ had events for every gaming and tech enthusiast. Conducted on 8th & 9th April, 2022, this fest was a new and memorable event after coming out from the long lockdown due to covid.


Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering Department


LT. CMDE. ELSTON officially declaring TECHELA open

IOT seminar

Mr.Neeraj and his team in the IOT seminar



Electronics and Telecommunication


Organised by Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune April 8-9, 2022

Inauguration Ceremony

Vidhyut is an annual technical festival hosted by the E&TC department of Symbiosis Institute of Technology. It allows students to get a crux and celebrate the world of E&TC through technical activities fused with fun events.

The purpose of Vidhyut is to challenge the technical minds. This fun-tech event is hosted every year with a wide range of activities, from creative to analytical, it will touch all spheres of your intellect.

The inauguration ceremony of the Techfest was held in the T1 classroom of the 3rd floor on April 8, 2022 between 10 to 11:30 AM. All department’s student heads presented their events and competitions in the function. Director sir, all HoDs, faculty, staff and students attended the session.

Participation This year, Vidhyut has received more than 400 registrations from the universities and colleges across India. Below table shows a few names of the institutes from where we received multiple registrations.

  • Total Registrations: 402
  • Non-SIT Registrations: 180
  • Total paid Registrations: 196








Guests of honour:-

  1. Dr. Satyanarayana for gracing us with his presence. He is a Vice-Chairman at IEEE Bombay Section, Reviewer and Referee of various International Journals, Member of BoS and Department Advisory Board of various colleges.
  2. Kusha Shetty - Head center of excellence robotics and automation , TCS services.
  3. Rajan Kumar -Founder/Director Technology Xpress Info Solutions® Pvt. Ltd
  4. Dr. Ketan Kotecha- Director, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Head, Symbiosis Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence


  1. Symbiosis institute of technology 


  1. SIBM Pune


  1. SSBF


  1. SIMC


  1. SSCA


  1. Vidyalankar Institute of Technology


  1. ISB&M coe


  1. MIT


  1. SMCW 


  1. Sohs


  1. SIHS


  1. MIT Polytechnic pune

Pune District

  1. PG moze college of engineering 


  1. Dypiemr


  1. Indira college of pharmacy


  1. Tssm Bscoer


  1. Indira college of pharmacy 


  1. Rajarshi shahu college of engineering JSPM tathawade 


  1. SSE


  1. Scac


  1. Flame university 


  1. Symbiosis college of arts and commerce


  1. Scon


  1. Noida International University 

Greater Noida 

  1. GL Bajaj


  1. Galgotia University 

Greater Noida 

  1. Ryan international school 

Greater noida 

  1. United

Greater Noida

  1. Symbiosis college of nursing


  1. VIT Pune


  1. K.L. International School


  1. Modern College of Arts


  1. NWC


  1. Indian institute of information technology


  1. Kjsieit 


  1. Air Force


  1. Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences




  1. S B Patil Public school 



Laser Tag

Teams are provided with jackets made by E&TC students which have sensors detecting laser beams shot by the opponent team player. The sensor which detects most beams loses.


  1. Adarsh Singh(2nd yr, SIT)
  2. Zubin Sharma(2nd yr, SIT)
  3. Parth Nikam(2nd yr,SIT)
  4. Manik Tirkey
  5. Om Kamble(2nd yr, SIT)
  6. Devang Handocha(3rd yr, SIT)



Robo Soccer

This is a 1v1 event where two opponents try to score a goal using their assigned robots. To win, just score more goals than your opponent. Control the bots and score goals. Win against your friends whether you are an expert or a beginner at soccer, let the robots play for you. Kick, and guide the ball with the electronic and mechanical power you can possess!


  1. Shivansh Chutani (1st yr, SIT)
  2. Dhruv Khatri



The participants are in a maze with some electrical equipment across the maze where in a given time the participant has to make a working circuit after finding their choice of elements from the map. Perform your electronic magic, Tinker with the clues, run from ghosts, create the device and escape the maze!


  1. Rhea Sawant(4th year,SIT)
  2. Abhay Mishra

Buzz Wire

A Long String with electricity passing, twisted at each end is the path to be covered by the hoop carried by the participants. But if the hoop touches the path at any point the circuit breaks and causes the buzzer to buzz. Challenge your steadiness and escape the buzzing wire. Reach the end and get the happiness you desire. Play the highest grossing game in Vidhyut!


  1. Harshit Singh(2nd yr, SIT)



Circuit Debugging

The challenge is to find and correct the error in the basic circuit given a particular time limit. The challenge is to find and correct the error in the basic circuit given a particular time limit.

Remove the bug, fix the circuit and win the game!


  1. Aaliya Shaikh(2nd yr, SIT)
  2. Tanya Singh(2nd yr, SIT)



Riddler’s Challenge

This is an ESCAPE ROOM Challenge, Where the person puts their mind on the challenges in the room to get free within 10 to 15 minutes. The winner will be the one who solves the maze


  1. Shrey Chaudhary(2nd yr, SIT)
  2. Anoushka Pandit(2nd yr, SIT)
  3. Vishant Kalwani
  4. Yash Chauhan(3rd yr, SIT)
  5. Jay Soni(3rd yr, SIT)
  6. Rajnandini Dafe(1st, SIT)



Robo Maze

RC robots have to complete the maze as controlled by the player within a certain time.


  1. Aaryan Shakti
  2. Isha



Project Presentation

Event Projects made by SIT students and students from other colleges will be presented in the 3rd floor lobby. If possible, the science models from some school’s science fairs will also be presented there. Increase your knowledge through the presentations on science projects and enlighten your minds.









Sahil Dunani



Yash Chauhan



Pratika Kumar



Shreya Puthran



Harshada Vaidya

Student relations


Saumarya Dutta



Vinayak Sharma



Viren Narvekar



Tarush Pandey



Nileesha Deshpande



Riya Mehta



Rishabh Dua



Saurabh Sahu



Om Kamble






Head of Department

Dr. Pritesh Shah

Vidhyut’22 In-charge

Dr. Prabhat Thakur

Prof. Jayshree Pandey 

Finance In-charge

Dr. Anurag Mahajan

Design In-charge

Dr Ujwala Kshirsagar

Dr Saffrine Kingsly

Documentation In-charge

Dr. Cherry Bhargava

Prof Swati Kadlag

Logistics In-charge

Dr Harikrishnan R

Dr Jayant Jagtap

Student Relations In-charge

Dr Kantipudi MVV Prasad

Dr. Suresh Velamuri

Hospitality In-charge

Dr. Mangal Singh

Dr. Aditya Jain

Technical Support In-charge

Prof. Shripad Deshpande

Ms. Yogita Patil

Mr. Pratap Singh More

Ms. Arti Mulye

Ms. Aparna Katke

Mr. Sandip Borate

Ms. Amruta Mane

Mr. Atul More

Photography In-charge

Dr Mrinal Bachute

Prof Sushma Parihar

Events In-charge

Dr. Jayant Jagtap

Prof. Parag Narkhede


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IEEE Pune Section-IEEE Pune Section sponsored the Circuit Debugging contest in Vidhyut’22. Also they distributed cash prizes for winners. First winner got ₹3000 and second winner got ₹2000.


“I was extremely happy when I came to know from Parag sir that I was chosen as the Vidhyut’22 Head, he told me to form my committee and asked, ‘karloge na ?’ to which I replied, ‘yes sir,for sure!’... Throughout the process Prabhat Sir and Jayshree ma’am had been a huge support and mentored all of us well, their comforting words,‘sahil beta ho jayega tension mat lo’ really motivated me to push myself but also go easy.

To head such a big techfest was definitely a huge learning outcome for me and all of us. We went through everything together and shared lots of fun memories, working through the sleepless nights and finally celebrating the outcome which all of us made possible in a short span of time.

At the end I want to conclude that in this techfest I have observed and experienced many things like pressure,tension, joy, sleepless nights etc. and I know it will help me in some or the other way in my life” ~Sahil Dunani( Vidhyut’22 Head)

“I'd like to say it was a new thing to do , as I was co head of SR last year I had some experience in that field but when it comes to heading a group of 45 juniors it was not easy, but I had the support of my co-heads, so it made things better. I learnt about time management , Multi-tasking, leadership skills , staying calm in stressful situations and how one can have fun while focusing on their work. Jayshree ma'am and Prabhat sir were amazing mentors during this situation, they listened to our problems and gave us solutions. Parag sir helped us too and the OC was amazing as always.” ~Harshada Vaidya (SR Head)

“I was really grateful for heading the documentation team, and doing something I have always liked!. Creativity is a habit and it is not necessary that it would always flow, so in that case I am extremely grateful for my Co-head and team who have always had my back in terms of creativity and work!, also working in Vidhyut offline for the first time was an experience on its own and the entire OC and faculty in-charge were amazing and we made a great team as a whole ” ~ Shreya Puthran (Documentation Head)

“It was an amazing experience working this year in Vidhyut. After almost 2 years we had the event offline and I was thrilled to be heading the Events team. Though some events got cancelled, it did not affect the amount of fun and joy we had while conducting the whole thing. Juniors were of great help and previously being a part of Vidhyut, it feels good to be back again”
~Yash Chauhan (Events Head)

“So this was my first year witnessing Vidhyut and I started off as the photography head for the same. Along with the wonderful OC, I enjoyed my time working with them and made sure that this was one of the best fests we ever had. From capturing late night outs to the actual fest days I personally think that we gave our best for it. Looking forward for Vidhyut'23 and hoping that it'll be more successful than its predecessors.” ~Tarush Pandey (Photography Head)

“My experience as technical head of Vidhyut 2022 was worthwhile. I learned a lot of things such as time management, maintaining synergy with the team, solving challenges, being accountable for my decision, solving problems and most importantly effectively interacting with my team members. I came across a lot of things, made a few good friends and shared some of the most memorable experiences. All I can say at last is it started as a team and ended more like a family.” ~Vinayak Sharma (Technical Head)

“Organising the whole techfest in just three days was really difficult, yet we decided to step up and make things happen. Knowing that things won't be in our favour, we aced it nonetheless, and the bar was raised higher for the years to come. All in all‚ being a part of the OC was just incredible.” ~Nileesha Deshpande(Hospitality Head)

“It was absolutely great working with the team. I can say with conviction that being part of Vidhyut has been no less than, the best. For me, it really was a privilege to work with Prabhat sir, Parag sir, and Jayshree mam, along with co-heads Aman Kumar and Hemant Jaiswal, it was a wonderful learning experience. I was also given the opportunity to work under the guidance of Deputy Director Nitin Sir and the Accounts Officer, which further contributed to my knowledge. I had always believed that “It is only by working together and cooperating with one another, that the aspirants can achieve the goals that they cannot realize separately.” I sensed a unanimous recognition in the team that we were all in one boat and must work together. I have found that being part of this techfest has led to immense growth in my oratory skills, management skills, leadership skills, and a holistic upswing in my personality.” ~Riya Mehta(Finance Head)

“In this journey of almost a month I learned a lot. I had so much fun working with our best seniors. I worked with every team of Vidhyut, and I had some memorable moments in every team. I learned lifelong lessons like writing creatively, to convince anyone, to do publicity for the event, graphic designing, to host any event and the list is so long. In the end I would like to Thank all the Organizing Committee members of VIDHYUT’22, hope to work with you all in future also. ~ Tanya Singh(Documentation Co-Head and Volunteer)

“Vidhyut 2022 for me was a great learning and social experience, learning how to manage and conduct events, working under stress, and still flaunting were some of the learning points. Interaction with seniors and learning more about the course and our college, socializing, and making friends were few bonuses along the path of the Techfest, and also quite a nice line adding to our resume.” ~ Zubin Sharma(Logistics Co-Head and Volunteer)

Vidhyut 2020

The tagline adopted this year was “FUTURE IS INCOGNITO” which highlighted the expectations of the next ten years.

Multiple competitions were held as a part of this techfest. The competitions include Poster presentation, Project making, Roborace, Robo-Soccer, Pick and Place, Laser Tag, Angry Bird, Whack A mole, Speedometer, Angry Bird, etc.

Annual TechFest & Startup Summit

Chief Guest Mr. Fernandez and Dr. Khedkar, Faculty Incharge Administration, SIT on the dias

Robo maze

Robo maze



Mechanical Engineering Department

Annual TechFest 2022:


Mechronos, is the annual Techfest held by the Mechanical department of the Symbiosis Institute of Technology. It has gained extreme popularity here at SIT due to its dynamic range of convivial events which directly rivet the technical world. For Mechronos’22, we saw a footfall of more than 100 people, bagged more than 75 participations and distributed prize money worth 35,000 to more than 10 winners. The following events are conducted.

  • Food Goblin
  • Space Shooter
  • Drive the Robot
  • Utopia
  • Mechathon
  • Area 51
Annual TechFest 2022
Event: Drive the Robot
Annual TechFest 2022
Mechronos’22 Team

The design of the Mechanical Department was divided into 3 sections - Army, Navy and Airforce. Each division had a huge model to represent the forces.  The army was represented by a tank, the navy by a model of a ship carrier and the airforce  by a model of a fighter plane. 

The students also build two lighthouses that were used as markings to conduct a game of "who flies the paper plane the farthest", for the professors. 

Mechonos Event
Mechanical Department Event
Mechanical Department Event

Robotics and Automation Department

Techfest 22


The department of robotics and automation, Symbiosis institute of technology is hosting the first ever Techfest, “OORJA”

Date:8th April, 2022
Time:10:30 am

Following activities held during Techfest:

  1. Magic Labyrinth

    Discover the sharp sight in you; check if you can reach the last level of ultimate Robo-Maze using our unique hand tracking technology.

  2. Ardu-Innovathon

    You create it - We evaluate it!!
    Bring us your Arduino projects. We’re delighted to check them out.

  3. Finding Nemo

    Here’s our classic but quirky and exclusive treasure hunt. *There’s no reason why you should miss it*

  4. Let’s Plot The Bot

    Mirror! Mirror! On the wall….
    Who’s the most creative of the all?
    Use least electric components and show us your robots.

  5. Tick-Tick. BOOM!

    Oh! Look at it closely or the confetti pops. Move the ring through our created loop.

  6. No Way Out

    There’s actually no way out if you don’t solve our eccentric and savvy escape.

  7. Syntax Terminators

    Test the coder in you; We’ll help you out. ..Compile & Win..

  8. Poster Making Competition

    Design colourful posters & be as ingenious as you can be.
    The topic is “Future of Robotics”.
    Pre- event – Metaverse

Oorja by Robotics and Automation dept