Combating with Covid’19

Dr. K. Kotecha


Director, Symbiosis Institute of Technology

“A problem is your chance to do your best” – Duke Ellington

Currently, we all are facing a very difficult time due to Covid '19 which has led to uncertainty at all levels. At SIT we have taken swift and proactive steps to make sure that none of our current as well as future 2020 batch students would be affected in any way academically. Though our foremost priority is health and safety of our students, we had also continued the teaching-learning as well as the evaluation processes with immense rigor to make sure on time graduation of quality global engineers from our institution. The same kind of effective measures have been taken for Admission 2020 as well.

Considering this institution lockdown situation as yet another challenge we are managing it efficiently with the help of latest technology aided teaching learning pedagogy, meticulous semester activity planning and well trained faculty and staff. We had made sure that all of the crucial processes such as end semester examinations, placements, mentoring and support systems, syllabus completion are progressing smoothly for our current students and would be followed for our 2020 batch new students also. This period has given us the opportunity to explore and incorporate additional innovative teaching methods which has made the process of learning more insightful for our students. We are receiving very positive support from students and parents as well.

Nor we...nor our students has in any way stopped our journey of seeking knowledge and progressing ahead!!!! We would continue together to achieve greater heights…and will be welcoming future students as well with the same confidence and responsibility to join this journey.Sharing with all of you some of the experiences of our faculties,students and parents.

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