Funded Research Project

Sr.No Name of Project Name of the Principal Investigator Funds provided in INR [Lakhs] Funded By Status
1 Development of new nanostructured thermoelectric materials for waste heat recovery applications Dr. Shekhar Bhame 14.5 DST-SERB completed
2 Effect of preparation conditions on nanoparticle formation and oxygen stoichiometry of metal oxides Dr. Neeru Bhagat 6 UGC-DAE ongoing
3 In-situ investigation of interface structure and spin orientation at the interface of magnetic and non magnetic layers Dr. Brajesh Pandey 6.39 UGC-DAE ongoing
4 Developing Three-Dimensional Architecturally engineered nano-electrocatalyst for fuel cell applications Dr. Rupali Nagar 39.11 DST-SERB ongoing
5 Development of High Order Accurate Numerical Scheme for Steady/Unsteady Incompressible Flow involving Stationary/Moving Boundaries over Unstructured Mesh Dr. Chandrakant Sonawane 18 DST-SERB ongoing
6 Comparison and evaluation of engine emission including nano particle emission, performance, noise and wear of diesel and algae/jatropha/karanja biodiesel usng nano particle fuel additive in A 160 hp military transport vehicle turbo charged cd engine Dr. Anand Pandey 17.24 Life Sciences research Board, DRDO ongoing
7 Metal Matrix nano-composites synthesized using nanosilica extracted from natural ceramic Rice husk ash for industrial applications Dr. Meena Laad 8.6 UGC-DAE ongoing
8 Development of Explainable AI Techniques for Complex Disease Diagnosis using Genomics Data (Co-PI) Dr Ketan Kotecha & Dr. Rahee Walambe 84.36 MHRD ongoing
9 Development of Algorithms for Credibility Analysis of Information(CAI) (PI) Dr Ketan Kotecha & Dr. Rahee Walambe 82.36 MHRD ongoing
10  Potential and Validation of Sustainable Natural & Advance Technologies for Water & Wastewater Treatment, Monitoring and Safe Water Reuse in India (PAVITR) Dr. Khare 79.04 Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India. ongoing
Sr.No Name of Project Name of the Principal Investigator Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Funds provided in INR [Lakhs] Duration of the project
1 Design and Development of Aerosol Generator for Biomedical Applications. Dr. Nitin Khedkar Mechanical Engineering 2019 9.75 2
2 Design Development and Analysis of Hollow Polymer based Micro Lattice Compact Heat Exchanger Dr. Anirban Sur Mechanical Engineering 2019 9.1 2
3 Development of Smart Water Information and Management System for Symbiosis Bandhara Dr. Himanshu Agrawal Computer Science 2019 10 2
4 Design Development and Analysis of Blades for Compost Mixing Dr. Sanjay Darvekar Mechanical Engineering 2019 10 2
5 Analysis of Behavior of Bacterial Concrete in Different Mix Designs. Prof. Sayali Sandbhor Civil Engineering 2019 9.68 2

Sr.No Academic Year when the project started Faculty name Name of the Project Amount in INR Status
1 2012-13 ​Dr. Tejinder Paul Singh ​EngineeringExperimentation to test wear and friction resistance offered by die steels after performing EDM, using different electrodes and suspened metal powder in the electrolyte solution 1,17,000 Completed
2 2012-13 Ms Nishtha Vijra EngineeringAnalysis of performance characteristics of concetric annual heat pipe 1,50,000 Completed
3 2013-14 Ms Nilisha Itankar Biosorption of Toxic Hexavalent Chromium from Industrial Effluents using Low Cost Biomaterial 1,50,000 Completed
4 2013-14 Mr Vijaykumar Jatti Electrical Discharge Machining of Monel Alloy, Shape Memory Alloy and Berllium Copper Alloy 1,50,000 Completed
5 2013-14 Dr. Kanchan Khare Developing a model for the assessment and prediction ground water contamination: A case study 1,50,000 Completed
6 2014-15 Dr. Rupali Nagar Synthesis of Nanomaterials of Gas Sensing Applications 1,50,000 Ongoing
7 2016-17 Dr. Chandrakant Sonawane Mathematical Modeling and Experimental investigation on Flexible Heat Pipe for improved heat transfer characteristics 1,50,000 Ongoing
8 2016-17 Dr. Satish Kumar Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Single Point Cutting Tool Under Deep Cryogenic Treatment. 1,50,000 Completed
9 2016-17 Mr. Sachit T.S. “Experimental Investigation of hybrid nano composite prepared by powder metallurgy process for automotive application” 1,50,000 Completed
10 2017-18 Mr. Vinay Kumar Dhinkara Tribiological and mechanical investigation of hybrid reinforced polymer matrix composites 1,50,000 Ongoing
11 2017-18 Ms. Mugdha Kshirsagar Evaluation of Pollutant loadings in Storm Water runoff from a mixed urban catchement: A case study of Pune. 1,50,000 Ongoing
12 2017-18 Mr. Shahid Tamboli Experimental and numerical anlysis of cracked aluminium plate repaired with a composite patch 1,50,000 Ongoing
Sr.No Consultancy Details Organization Start Date Duration Amount in INR [Lakhs)
1 Road Safety Audit Consultancy for Pune Solapur NH-9 Package-II ​National Highways authority of India ​01/04/2013 4 years 52.26
2 Design and Development of automated processing chamber NIRDESH 01/01/2018 2 years 0.66
3 Development of web application and software tool TEAM Management Service 01/03/2019 3 years 15