M.Tech (Robotics and Automation)

Dr. Arunkumar Bongale

Dr. Arunkumar Bongale
M.Tech., Ph.D., Professor & Head,
Robotic and Automation program


In the past few decades, a fourth industrial revolution has emerged, known as Industry 4.0. Industry 4 takes the emphasis on digital technology to a whole new level with the help of interconnectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT), access to real-time data, and the introduction of cyber-physical systems. It connects the physical system with digital, and allows for better collaboration and access across departments, partners, vendors, product, and people. Industry 4 empowers business owners to better control and understand every aspect of their operation, and allows them to leverage instant data to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive growth.

Robotics and automation are considered as one of the integral and significant parts of Industry 4.0. In the current era, automated machines like robots have turned out to be extremely beneficial for various sectors - starting from assisting humans around the house to industrial applications like assembling and packing products and helping doctors in performing complex surgeries. This new development has opened a door for enormous opportunities for the skilled and trained professionals.

The B.Tech and M.Tech programs in Robotics and Automation at SIT are designed to equip the students with the right set of skills required for the Industry 4.0. With a degree in Robotics and automation from SIT, one will acquire the multidisciplinary skills which is the demand of today’s corporate and business world.

Department’s Ongoing Research And Consultancy

  1. Dr. Satish Kumar received grant of 10 lakhs from Symbiosis International University for the project “Inferring quality and fault localization of 3D Printer product using Digital Twin”
  2. Prof Priya Jadhav received grant of 1 lakhs from Symbiosis International University for the project “Design of an automated system for controlled synthesis of coatings developed by the plasma arc oxidation process”
  3. Dr. Arun Kumar Bongale received grant of 16 lacs for Modernization and Upgrading of Robotics and Automation Lab under the AICTE -Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence Aspirational (MODROB- ASP) scheme
  4. A patent on “A Micro oxidation Coating device” is awarded to Dr Arun Kumar Bongale, Dr Satish Kumar, and Prof Priya Jadhav.

M.Tech (Robotics and Automation)

Intake : 18

Duration:2 Years

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Soft Skills Development of the students

Soft Skills Development of the students


  1. An ability to independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems.
  2. An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document.
  3. Students should be able to demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area as per the specialization of the program. The mastery should be at a level higher than the requirements in the appropriate bachelor's program.
  4. Devise and apply appropriate techniques and modern engineering tools to complex engineering activities with an understanding of its limitations.
  5. Recognize the need for and an ability to engage in lifelong learning to keep oneself abreast of the knowledge to be competent.

M.Tech in Robotics and Automation:

Eligibility for Admission

Passed Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
Obtained at least 50% marks (45% marks in case of candidates belonging to the reserved category) in the qualifying examination

Reservation Policy for all program
I. Within the sanctioned intake a) SC (In Percentage) b) ST (In Percentage) c) Differently abled (In Percentage) d) NRI (In Percentage)
  15 7.5 3 5
II. Over and above the sanctioned intake a) Kashmiri Migrants (In Seats with a maximum of 10 seats in the Institute) b) Foreign National /Overseas Citizen of India /children of the Indian Workers in the Gulf countries. (In percentage per course    
  2 15    

* Subject to AICTE guidelines.

Selection Process

Entrance Examination and Personal Interview:

  • GATE qualified students are not required to attend the Entrance Examination and will be directed called for the personal interview.
  • For Non-GATE students, a qualifier entrance examination will be conducted.
  • The entrance exam will be conducted in online mode.
  • Students can attempt the entrance exam using a computer, laptop, or a mobile phone with internet connectivity.
  • The details regarding the exam structure and dates will be announced shortly.

Entrance exam will be followed by a personal interview.

Duration of the Exam

1 Hour

Maximum Marks

50 Marks



Question Paper Pattern

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)


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+91 7262940505

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Recent Activities

Workshop on Robotics

We're excited to announce the new season of our 2-day Robotics Learn & Build workshop for students in grades 9th-12th ! This workshop is designed to teach students the basics of robotics and provide hands-on experience in building their own robots.

In this workshop, students will learn about the different components of a robot and how they work together to create a functioning machine. They will also learn about programming and how it is used to control robots. Through practical activities, students will gain skills in designing, constructing, and programming robots. Registration is now open, and spaces are limited, so register early to secure your spot! For more information about the workshop and to register !
Registration Link:

Workshop on Robotics Learn & Build

Robotics is the art of making robots, machines that combine concepts from multiple engineering disciplines. Join us to learn Robotics by practically building your own robot.

SIT brings to you a fantastic 4-day workshop for the students of 11th & 12th: Robotics - Learn & Build. Grasp the fundamental concepts of Robotics via practical application. Participants will be certified by AICRA after the successful completion of workshop! So, get set, register for this wonderful opportunity.

SIT has conducted a Introductory Session on "Robotics - Build & Learn" to various schools to give a glimpses of the workshop. Check out the same using the link below.

YouTube Link

Tech Talk series

Technical Talk Series


Organized by

Robotics and automation Club, SIT

in Association with

All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA)


Robotics and automation are considered as one of the integral and significant parts of Industry 4.0. In the current era, automated machines like robots have turned out to be extremely beneficial for various sectors - starting from assisting humans around the house to industrial applications like assembling and packing products and helping doctors in performing complex surgeries. This new development has opened a door for enormous opportunities for the skilled and trained professionals.

In order to enhance the knowledge in the field of Robotics engineering, Symbiosis Institute of Technology has planned to organize several technical talks from various industry and academic experts. Interested students and industry professionals in the field of Robotics and automation engineering can make use of this opportunity and participate in all the tech talks series.

For time-to-time update, follow our website and all our social media platforms.

Below are the upcoming event details. Stay tuned for more updates.

Tech-Talk Series on Robotics & Automation

12th February 2022, 11:00 am
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Tech-Talk Series on Robotics-Trends & Opportunities

Tech-Talk Series on Robotics-Trends & Opportunities

Tech-Talk Series on Criticality of Automation in Aerospace & Defense

3rd July 2021
Recorded Live
Watch on YouTube

Tech-Talk Series on Autumotive Systems in the Industry 4.0 Paradigm

22nd May 2021, 11 am
Recorded Live
Watch on YouTube

Tech-Talk Series on Intelligent Vision System For Robotics & Automation

10th April 2021, 11 am
Recorded Live
Watch on YouTube

Tech-Talk Series on Turning Problems into Opportunities with Robotics

27th March 2021, 11 am
Recorded Live
Watch on YouTube

Tech-Talk Series on Industry 4.0-Bringing Connectivity and Modularity

13th March 2021, 11 am
Recorded Live
Watch on YouTube

Tech-Talk Series on Rehabilitation Robotics

27th February 2021, 11 am
Recorded Live
Watch on YouTube

Tech-Talk Series on Application of Robotics in Aerospace

13th February 2021, 11 am
Recorded Live
Watch on YouTube

Industry Visit

The Department of Robotics and Automation organized an Industrial Visit to Analogic Automation Pvt. Ltd., Pune on 03rd February 2023 for B. Tech (2021-25) & M. Tech (2022-2024) students to understand the underlying principles of industrial automation in the Food & Beverages Industry.

Workshop on Robotics
Workshop on Robotics

Graduate Attributes

GA 1

Scholarship: research, inquiry and lifelong learning

GA 2

Global citizenship: ethical, social and professional understanding

GA 3

Eco-literate: sensitivity towards a sustainable environment

GA 4

Employability: equipped with skills, attributes, leadership and entrepreneurial qualities that society needs; being capable of making a contribution to society through earning a living


FAQs - M.Tech (Robotics and Automation)


What is intake for M.Tech  Robotics and Automation?


The Intake for M.Tech Robotics and Automation  is 18 students.


What are the eligibility criteria for M.Tech  Robotics and Automation?


M.Tech Robotics and Automation

Engineering Graduate (B.E./B.Tech.) in Mechanical/Electronics & communication/Computer science/Information Science/Industrial Engineering or relevant disciplines of Engineering other than civil engineering with minimum four years duration from any recognized University/Institution of National Importance with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent grade (45% Marks or equivalent grade for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes)


Is there any stipend for the M.Tech students.


GATE qualified students are eligible to get TA ship with stipend up to Rs. 16000.00 per month.

Non-GATE students may get Paid Internships at a reputed Robotics and Automation industry during their second year M.Tech program.


What are courses offered  for  M.Tech Robotics and Automation?


Syllabus for Entrance Test


What are employment opportunities after completion of  M.Tech  Robotics and Automation?


There are huge opportunities for different positions after successful completion of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Some of these opportunities are listed here:

  • Industries dealing with Process Control going to next echelon of information intensive smart control
  • Organizations in the business of robotics, automation and Embedded systems
  • Organizations dealing with AI applications to the engineering systems
  • Research Organizations working with focus on creating Industry 4.0 systems
  • Digital Supply Chain- interfacing with R&D, Presales, manufacturing, marketing, Sales and Logistics
  • Software Technology Platforms of Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Data Analytics, Smart Devices etc.
  • Healthcare, agriculture, Food Industry, Manufacturing and Defense.


Any Industry Collaborations for M.Tech Robotics and Automation?


We are having association with many leading industries. Few of them are listed below:

Tech Mahindra, KPIT Technologies, Glass Academy, NetCracker, Minda Corporations and many more.


Is there any Professional body association?


Yes. SIT is a proud Member of All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA). Students get many benefits from this association and few are listed below:

  • Participate in Conferences, Summits & Symposia organised by AICRA
  • Student Placement Support
  • Networking with AICRA members
  • Certification Programs in Robotics
  • Technology Alignment with AICRA Education Programs
  • Robotics Literacy Program (RLP)
  • Competitions - International Robotics League (IRL), World Robotics Championship, etc.


What are the possibilities of a placement in a good MNC company?


Symbiosis institute of technology is associated with eminent companies such as google, Microsoft, amazon, and many more. So, students have very good opportunities to get placed in such companies for their bright future endeavors.


Is robotic process automation different from machine learning (ML)?


The difference between RPA and ML is that the former is rule-driven, while the latter is data-driven. Machine learning is both a part and a precursor of AI, as it already incorporates prescriptive analytics and can be used to run decision-making engines.


Which industries are adopting Robotics and Automation the most?


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been adopted in top industries during the last few years. Here’s the top six industries that are adopting RPA to change the way they do business.

  • Utilities
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing


What role Robotics and Automation will play in empowering industries?


In recent times, with the advent of technologies such as Industry 4.0, Healthcare 4.0, smart cities, smart buildings, etc, Robotics and Automation has a major role to play in changing the functioning of current industries. 


I have heard about Robotics and Automation.  What is it exactly?


The increased demand of current industry for efficiencies and safety has led to a greater need for professionals with an added expertise in the field of ‘Robotics & Automation’. Robotics & Automation combines design, construction, operation, and application of robots coupled with computer based control systems, sensory feedback, and information processing. The design of a robotic system puts together principles of electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering. 


What are the Salient Features Robotics and Automation?


Robotics & Automation Engineering involves design development and up-gradation in terms of automating products, systems and processes in every walk of human life.

  • Hands-on Experience of Robotics and Automation Theory & Practice
  • Upgraded lab environments provide tools useful in the development of analytical skills, modeling and simulation skills to identify and analyze problems, propose and execute solutions.
  • Training on electronic lab equipment, CNC machining, 3-D printers and CAD design software.
  • Discipline-specific hardware and software tools used in the industries Creo-Parametric, MATLAB, DelCAM, Robomaster, Adams and other specialized industrial robotic control and simulation software’s.


What are the key highlights of M.Tech in Robotics and Automation?

  • Training by experts from the industries
  • Consultancy projects
  • Latest Curriculum
  • Internship 


How much will be the fees for this course?


Please refer to the Admission section--->Related year/ course--->Fee structure from the


Whether a hostel facility is available?


Yes. Please refer to the infrastructure section from the to view the hostel facilities.


Whether the student will have an internship during this course?


Yes. During the 3rd and 4th semester of M.Tech program, students have to undergo Internship and complete their project work.