Research Project

Research Project

List of Ph.D. candidates from the Faculty of Engineering (2010 batch)
Sr No. Ph.D.ID Name Of The Candidate Discipline Topic of research Name of Guide
2* 100269 Mr. Sanjay Mohite E &TC A Design Analysis and Implementation of Multi-Mode Convertor Using Matrix Topology a Novel Approach Dr. Narayan Pisorathy
3* 100300 Mr. Abhijeet Auti Mechanical Optimization of Parabolic Concentrator and Absorber for Different Sizes and materials (For Cooking) Dr. Dilip Pangavhane Dr. T. P. Singh
4 100222 Mr. Nitin Khedkar Mechanical Experimentation for Uniformity of Modified Surface Properties of Die Steel Using EDM Process Dr. T. P. Singh
5* 100477 Mrs. Suchitra Khoje (JRF) E & TC Image processing algorithms for fruit quality assessment Dr. S. Bodhe

List of Ph.D. candidates from the Faculty of Engineering (2011 batch)
Sr No. Ph.D.ID Name Of The Candidate Discipline Topic of research Name of Guide
1 100773 Mrunalini Shivaji Jadhav Civil Intelligent water quality monitoring and prediction system of wetland restoration. Dr. Kanchan Khare Dr. Arundhati Warke
2* 100184 Shraddha Pankaj Phansalkar CS Development of Consistency Rationing Model In Cloud Data Stores Dr. A. R. Dani
3 100044 Swati Nilkanth Ahirrao Scalable Transactions in Cloud Data Stores Dr. Rajesh Ingale
4* 100191 Ambika Vishal Pawar privacy protection model for cloude computing Dr. A. R. Dani
5 101090 Rekha Punjaji Labade E &TC Design and Parametric study of Printed Ultra wide band antennas for wireless Communication Dr. Deosarkar S. B. Dr. Narayan Pisharoty
6 100246 Manisha Tushar Jadhav Design of Generalized Framework for No Reference Color Image Quality Assessment Dr. Y. H. Dandawate Dr. Narayan Pisharoty
7 100844 Kishorkumar Kavathekar Mech  Investigation on Performance and Emission Characteristics of HCNG (Hydrogen-Compressed Natural Gas) Fuel in SI Engine Dr. S. S. Thipse
8* 100030 Krinshnarao Rajaram Patil   Investigation on Performance and Emission Characteristics of DME- DIESEL Blended CI Engine Dr. S. S. Thipse
10 100849 Prasanna Gopalkrishna Bhat   Performance Investigation of Single and Two Cylinder, diesel Engine by Boosting Dr. S. S. Thipse
11 100524 Husein Adam Nakhawa    Characterization of ultra fine particle emission and its online trend on Indian driving cycle for passenger cars operating on conventional fuels gasoline & diesel and alternate fuels CNG & LPG Dr. S. S. Thipse
12 101111 Amol Ubale   Analytical and Experimental Study of Forced Convection Evacuated Tube Solar Grape Dryer Dr. D. R. Pangavhane
13 100069 Amol Dalvi   Optimization of hole making operations using advanced optimization techniques.  Dr. T. P. Singh Dr. P.J. Pawar
14* 101183 L.V.Kambale   Heat Transfer Studies of Horizontal Single Tube and Tube Bundles Immersed In Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed of Large Particles Using Artificial Neural Network  Dr. T. P. Singh Dr. D. R. Pangavhane
15 100600 Sunil Sambhaji Ghule Physics Electric Magnetic and Lattice Properties and their Interplay in R3AICx (R= La to Yb and x= 0 to 1) systems Dr. C. S. Garde Dr. Meena Laad
16 100120 Nilisha Prashant Itankar Chemistry Development of Eco-Friendly Sorption Process for Removal and Recovery of Hexavalent Chromium From Industrial Effluents Dr. Y. B. Patil
17 100841 Nishigandh Pande Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization Of Polyaniline-Transition Nanoparticle Composites By Green Route And Their Applications Dr. Dipika Jaspal
List of Ph.D. candidates from the Faculty of Engineering (2012 batch)
Sr No. Ph.D.ID Name Of The Candidate Discipline Topic of research Name of Guide
1 2000915 Ms. Chhaya Lande Applied Science Analytical modeling of transient surface-ground water interaction over sloping terrain in the presence of thin vertical stream bank Dr. Arundhati Warke Dr. Rajeev Bansal
2   B S Veena Applied Science Mathematical modeling of Blood flow in stenosed arteries in the presence of magnetic field Dr. Arundhati Warke
3 2000507 Shreyas A Bapat Applied Science Efficiency of weeds for textile waste water treatment Dr. Dipika Jaspal
4 2000914 Ms. Archana Saraswat Applied Science Investigation of electric and magnetic properties in T3 MZx (T= Transition metal; M= Non-magnetic metal; Z= C,N,O,B and x= 0 to 1 ) system Dr. Brajesh Pandey
5 2000604 Ms. Sayali Sandbhor Civil Development of value predicting and forecasting system for estate: A case study of pune city Dr. N B Chaphalkar
6 2000800 Ms. Poorva Agrawal C Sc Bio inspired adaptive algorithm for multi robot co-operation Dr. Himanshu Agrawal
7 2000739 Mrs. Priti Shahane E & TC Performance enhancement of HW/SW Co-Design using Dynamic partial reconfiguration Dr. Narayan Pisharoty
8* 2000025 Gaurav Vijay Bansod E & TC Cost Effective hardware and software solution for securing an embedded system Dr. Narayan Pisharoty
9* 2000027 Praveen Naidu V E & TC Design of compact multi band antennas for portable wireless communication systems Dr. Akshay Malhotra
10 2000548 Mr. Vijaykumar Jatti Mechanical Process characterization of electrical discharge machining of monel alloy, shape, memory alloy and Beryllium copper alloy Dr. T P Singh

List of Ph.D. candidates from the Faculty of Engineering (2013 batch)
Sr No. Ph.D.ID Name of The Candidate Discipline Topic of research Name of Guide
1 2000894 Miss. SMITA SADANAND JADHAV ( Adhate ) Chemistry Removal of Azodyes using Polyaniline and substituted Polyaniline from aqueous solution Dr. Dipika Jaspal
2 2000887 Mrs. Shraddha khamparia (JRF) Chemistry Cost effective decolorizarion of some textile dyes using natural adsorbent Dr. Dipika Jaspal
3 2000681 Mr. Rupesh Sudhakar Gundewar Civil Modeling Hydrological Effects of Urban Developments on Rainfall Runoff Dr. K.C. Khare
4 2000722 Mrs. Poonam Abhijeet Chaudhari CSE & IT Developing a novel algorithm using machine learning for cancer prediction Dr. Himanshu Agarwal
5 2000577 Mrs. SHILPA SHAILESH GITE CSE & IT Context-Aware Multi-Sensor data fusion in cooperative automatives. Dr. Himanshu Agarwal
6 2000369 Miss. PRATIBHA NARSINHA KARMARKAR CSE & IT Lightweight authentication scheme for data aggregation in smart grid Dr. Himanshu Agarwal
7 2000880 Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Chetlapalli E & TC Random point process model for time dependent cumulative bandwidth requirement in broadband networks Dr. Himanshu Agarwal
8 2000806 Mr. Salman Harun Shaikh E & TC Development of Low Cost Electronic Knee. Dr.Akshay Malhotra
9 2000554 Mr. Abhaya Pal Singh E & TC Fractional model predictive controller (FMPC) fro robotic manipulators Dr. Himanshu Agarwal
10 2000042 Mrs. Smita Bhushan Khole E & TC Optimization of the c0-design environment in SoC using partial reconfiguration Dr. Narayan Pisharoty
11 2000336 Mrs. Amitha Manmohan Rao Mathematics Analytical and numerical study of nonlinear gas dynamic waves in dispersive/dissipative media Dr, Arundhati Warke
12 2000886 Mrs. Shilpa Dayasagar Malge (NET) Mathematics Characterization of Indian stock market using graph theory Dr.Akshay Malhotra
13 2000461 Mr. Pankaj Dinesh Paliwal Mathematics Astudy of Ferrofluid flow in capillaries in the presence of externally applied magnetic field. Dr, Arundhati Warke
14 2000029 Mr. RAVI RAMAN SEKHAR Mechanical Investiation of cutting forces, tool wear and surface morphology in turning of advanced metal matrix composites. Dr. T.P. Singh
15 2000629 Mr. NITIN SHARADCHANDRA SOLKE Mechanical Lean manufacturing through management of manufacturing flexibility in auto component industry Dr. T.P. Singh
16 2000120 Mr. Rahul Mahajan Mechanical Design and optimization of critical joints of Aluminum intensive bus superstructure for light-weighting Dr. S.S. Thipse

List of Ph.D. candidates from the Faculty of Engineering (2014 batch)
Sr No. Ph.D.ID Name of The Candidate Discipline Topic of research Name of Guide
1 140693 MR.BABARAO SITARAM RATHOD Mechanical Topic is to be finalized Dr. Brajesh Pandey
2 140744 MR.MAHESH PRAKASH JOSHI Mechanical Combustion Analysis of CI Engine Fuelled with Algae Biofuel Blends Using Artificial Neural Network Dr. S. S. Thipse
3 140572 MISS.SNEHA SHYAM GAJBHIYE Mathematics Mathematical Modeling of Contamination transport under transient groundwater flow conditions in unconfined aquifers. Dr. Arundhati Warke
4 140781 MISS.MAYA PADMAKAR SHELKE CS Context-Aware Opportunistic Routing Protocol with Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks. Dr. Akshay Malhotra
5 140716 MR.SANTIRANJAN PRAMANIK Mechanical Design and Development of Innovative Crossed Four Bar Steering Mechanism for Automobiles Dr. S. S. Thipse
6 140488 MR.JAYANT SUDHIR YADAV Physics Synthesis and Study of Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Fe-based Nanoparticles for Electrolytic Applications. Dr. Brajesh Pandey
8 140924 MRS.DHARA CHIRAG SHAH E&TC Interference characterization andelimination techniques for heterogeneous wireless network. Dr. Akshay Malhotra

List of Ph.D. candidates from the Faculty of Engineering (2015 batch)
Sr No. Ph.D.ID Name of The Candidate Discipline Topic of research Name of Guide
1 150189 GAHANA GOPAL C (JRF) Chem Investigation of Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste Using a combination of Environmental life cycle Assessment(LCA) and Data Envelopment Analysis(DEA) Dr. Yogesh Patil
2 150710 RUSHIKESH PRAKASH KULKARNI Civil Water Quality Assessment and Prediction Modeling of Lakes Using Integrated Satellite Data Fusion. Dr. Kanchan Khare
3 15069 Mr. Pramod Aitawadekar Civil course work not completed Dr. Tarun P. Singh
4 150208 RAHUL JOSHI CS course work not completed Dr. Anand Kulkarni
5 150214 DIPTI KAPOOR SARMAH CS Development of High Capacity and Robust Image Steganography Method using Cohort Intelligence Optimization Algorithm. Dr. Anand Kulkarni
6 150256 MEETA KUMAR CS Development of a Novel Socio-Inspired Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithm. Dr. Anand Kulkarni
7 150171 SHILPA MANOJ HUDNURKAR E&Tc Development of a Hybrid Model for Predicting Summer Monsoon Rainfall over Maharashtra. Dr. Neela Rayavarapu
8 150562 SANJEEV KUMAR E&TC Design of Reconfigurable Multiband Antennas for T.V.White Space Cognitive Radio Dr. Neela Rayavarapu
9 150580 DAVINDER KUMAR E&TC Resubmission of research proposal Dr. Neela Rayavarapu
10 150732 MAHESH KADU E&TC Development of High Isolation Micro strip Patch Antenna Array. Dr. Neela Rayavarapu
11 150767 SMRITI SAHU (JRF) E&TC Speech Enhancement using Compressive Sensing Techniques Dr. Neela Rayavarapu
12 150892 NEHA PORWAL E&TC Left Dr. V. Govindraj
13 150924 MAHESH PANDHARINATH GIRI E&TC Enhancement of Dysarthric Speech using Parameters of Speech Dr. Neela Rayavarapu
14 150968 SANJAY JANARDAN MALI E&TC Topic to be finalized Dr. V. Govindraj
15 150275 Mr. Praful Maktedar E&TC Topic to be finalized Dr. Akshay Malhotra
16 150128 ISHAAN RAMDAS KALE Mech course work not completed Dr. Anand Kulkarni
17 150448 MANDAR SAPRE Mech Investigation of Application of Cohort Intelligence Optimization for Mesh Smoothing and Mesh free Analysis. Dr. Anand Kulkarni
18 150456 PRITESH JANARDHAN SUPLE Mech Investigation on Enhancement of Low Speed Torque of Natural Gas Engines for Commercial Vehicle Applications Dr. C. R. Sonawane
19 150630 VINAY MURLIDHAR MUNDADA Mech course work not completed Dr. T. P. Singh
20 150393 ZIYA SHAIKH (JRF) Physics course work not completed Dr. Neeru Bhagat

List of Ph.D. candidates from the Faculty of Engineering (2016 batch)
Sr No. Ph.D.ID Name of The Candidate Discipline Topic of research Name of Guide
1 161205 Mr. Mukundraj Vilasrao Patil Mech Research Proposal is submitted Dr. Anand Kulkarni
2 161224 Mr. Ashutosh Prabhakar Kolhatkar Mech Dr. Anand Pandey
3 161293 Mrs. Shivali Amit Wagle (JRF) E&TC Dr. Madhura Ingalhalikar
4 161301 Mr. Ratnesh Naresh Chaturvedi E&TC Dr. Madhura Ingalhalikar
5 161385 Mr. Pritam Dilip Gole Mech Dr. Chandrakant Sonawane
6 161411 Miss. Deepa P (JRF) Civil Dr. Meena Laad
7 161429 Miss. Trupti Narayan Pawase E&TC Dr. Akshay Malhotra
8 161456 Mr. Kamal Kumar Ghosh Mech Dr. Chandrakant Sonawane
9 161511 Miss. Swati Uttamrao Kadlag E&TC Dr. Paresh Nasikkar
10 161597 Mr. Pramod Rohidas Sonawane E&TC Dr. Paresh Nasikkar
11 161604 Miss. Anjana Sambhaji Desai Physics Dr. Neeru Bhagat
12 161771 Mr. Shahid Chand Tamboli Mech Dr. Anand Pandey
13 161772 Mrs. Mugdha Praveen Kshirsagar Civil Dr. Kanchan Khare
14 161778 Mrs. Sonal Abhijeet Gore CS Dr. Madhura Ingalhalikar
15 161789 Mrs. Nandini Venkat Iyer Chemistry Dr. Shekhar Bhame
16 161816 Mr. Rishi Prasad (JRF) Physics Dr. Shekhar Bhame
17 161830 Mr. Chandrakant Dattatraya Bhos E&TC Dr. Paresh Nasikkar
18 161834 Mrs. Vijayshri Nitin Khedkar CS Dr. Preeti Mulay
19 161887 Mr. Balaji Rakesh Physics Dr. Brajesh Pandey
20 161991 Mrs. Vaishnavi Vivek Dabir Civil Dr. Kanchan Khare
21 161802 Mrs. Alka Aniruddha Avasthi Civil Dr. Kanchan Khare
22 161352 Mr. Sandeep Madhukar Dhekane E&TC Dr. Madhura Ingalhalikar
23 161484 Mrs. Arpita Advait Deodikar Mathematics Dr. Arundhati Warke
List of Ph.D. candidates from the Faculty of Engineering (2017 batch)
Sr No. Ph.D.ID Name of The Candidate Discipline Topic of research Name of Guide
1 170500114 PRIYANKA PRADEEP TUPE E&TC Undergoing course work Dr. Rahee Walimbe
2 170500199 JYOTI JAIN ARCHIT Dr. Navendu Choudhari
3 170500228 DESHPANDE SHRIPAD VASANT E&TC Dr. Rahee Walimbe
4 170500278 PRIYA VITTHALRAO KHOLAMKAR MATHs Dr. Arundhati Warke
5 170500303 AJIT RATNAKAR PRADNYAVANT IT Dr. Ambika Pawar
6 170500306 CHAUDHARI ARCHANA ATMARAM CS Dr. Preeti Mulay
7 170500343 NARKHEDE PARAG SURESH E&TC Dr. Paresh Nasikkar
8 170500364 KULKARNI PURVA SHEKHAR CE Dr. Kanchan Khare
11 170500794 MD AYAZ JAMIL KHAN MECHANICAL Dr. Pohekar
12 170500804 SAYYAD JAVED KASAM E&TC Dr. Paresh Nasikkar
13 170500818 ZADE ANUJA RAJESH CS Dr. Preeti Mulay
14 170500827 SONALI SHIRISH PATWE CS Dr. Shraddha Phansalkar
15 170500887 PREETI WARRIER E&TC Dr. Pritesh Shah
16 170500908 TAWARE SWAPNIL YASHWANT MECH Dr. Anand Pande