Life at SIT

SIT provides a very enriching and rewarding experience to all students. Routine of students includes an optimal mix of work, play and leisure. Curriculum and pedagogy have been designed in a way to make the teaching-learning process both interesting and challenging. Project based learning, problem based learning, choice of elective subjects of one's interest, even from outside the curriculum of SIT, make the students really interested and involved. In addition, activities like Week-long Induction Programme, Mentor-Mentee system and strong bond between the students and faculty make the students always eager and motivated to learn. Year-round organization of technical, sports and cultural activities at departmental level, intra-institutional and inter-institutional level, keep the students creatively engaged. Annual calendar of activities, planning and organizing the activities by the student bodies and the reward system through healthy competitions contribute to a vibrant life on campus. Pleasant weather of Pune, a food court on campus, city-transport, playgrounds, gymnasium and other facilities make the stay at SIT campus comfortable and conducive for learning and growth.

Navratri festival 2023

Gym Photos


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Symbi Food Court

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