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Department of Applied Sciences

Dr. Meena Laad

Dr. Meena Laad
Ph.D.(Physics), M.B.A ( HR & Mktg.),
Professor & Head, Department of Applied Sciences


Department of Applied Science thrives to accomplish its goal to develop world class engineers by providing a strong foundation. With an orientation of interdisciplinary teaching of fundamental courses in Science & Engineering such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Communication skills, the department has also enriched its curriculum by introducing courses such as Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Tinker lab which are essential to develop an all-round personality with innovative and creative mind.

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The department has a team of highly experienced, professionally competent and research intensive faculty, dedicated staff and research scholars. The teaching faculty of the department have received Research grants/Fellowships from reputed National organisations such as national and international funding agencies such as DST, UGC-DAE, DRDO, MHRD, Govt. of India, UKIERI etc. The main research domains of the department are Composite Materials, Condensed Matter Physics, Wastewater treatment, Mathematical modelling of fluid flow, non-linear waves, Numerical techniques, Nanotechnology, Thin film Physics, Biofluid Mechanics, Electroosmosis, Nanofluids, Heat and Mass Transfer, Singular Perturbation Boundary Value Problems, Spline Methods

The Applied Science department fosters the academically conducive environment by inviting distinguished scientists, academicians and industrialists to deliver talks and interact with the students. The department has well equipped labs and makes effective use of IT and digital technology as part of its teaching learning pedagogy.

Highlights of the department:

  1. Three Week-long Induction programme involving Academic, Social, Cultural activities and also addressing Physical and Emotional well-being of the students.

  2. Inclusion of courses like Creative Thinking/Critical Thinking in the curriculum to develop higher order thinking skills among the students.

  3. Session on Creative Thinking

  4. Interinstitutional Courses-Fitness for Life, DBM, Covid Care for Society.
  5. Emphasis on experiential learning through Projects, field trips, Tinker lab etc. 

  6. Visit to Science Park

  7. Mentor-Mentee system to facilitate the progress of the students.

  8. Workshops on Ancient Knowledge System (Vedic Maths, Yoga, Video Screening on Technology in Ancient India).
  9. Skill development Workshops (Soft Skills, Cloud Computing).
  10. Session on Business English

    Team Building Session

    Group Discussion Session

    MUN Conference

  11. Mentoring by Industry Experts, Guest lectures, Workshops.
  12. Dr Bhanu Sood, NASA, USA

    Guest Lecture by eminent scientist Prof. Subir Sarkar from Oxford University, UK

  13. Global Immersion program with renowned foreign universities.

  14. Invited talks, lectures by distinguished International faculty.
  15. Dr Namkaung, Hyundai Corporation, S. Korea

    Dr Henry Schaffer, Georgia Tech Uni., USA

  16. Research grants received from UGC-DAE, DRDO, DST-SERB, SIU.

Department Laboratories

Chemistry Lab

Physics Lab

Language Lab

Tinker Lab

Research Laboratories

Material Research Lab

Nanomaterial for Energy Application Lab

Composite Material Lab

Research at Applied Science Department

Composite Material Lab

Dr Meena Laad, Professor & Head of Dept. of Applied Science, SIT received DUO India Fellowship at University of Leeds, UK

Dr Meena Laad visited University of Leeds, UK on Government of India’s DUO Professor Fellowship from April 10 – May 11, 2022. During her visit she carried out her research at University of Leeds on Synthesis and characterization of Composite materials.

Research collaborations with Centre for Advanced Materials, Qatar University

Two Ph.D scholars, Babaji Ghule and Swapnil Narkhede from SIT are invited to work at the Centre of Advance Materials, Qatar University under joint supervision of Dr Meena Laad ( SIT) and Dr Kishor Sadasiuni ( Qatar University) for two months. Their entire trip is sponsored by Qatar University.

Indo Israel Symposium for the women in STEM

Dr Meena Laad interacted with his Excellence Consul General Kobbid Shoshani of Israel and also attended a Symposium on Indo Israel Symposium on Women in STEM on April 5, 2022.

Soft Skills Development of the students

Varied activities, sessions and exercises are conducted year round at SIT for developing soft skills of students. We have a well-set up language lab which develops LSWR skills in students as well as focuses on vocabulary development and grammar. Dr Neha Divekar and Dr Niva Devi Sharma also conducts corporate training for varied companies to enhance soft skills of the employees. Dr Neha also conducts regular TED talk sessions for the faculty, staff and students at SIT. In addition, MUN sessions are also organized and conducted by students of SIT.

Training at L&T Defence

Training for Army

Training at Flex. Ltd.

Training in Language Lab

TED Session for students


Mentoring is one of the most important and essential cell of the department. Mentoring enables student to adjust, grow, learn, transform, and accomplish goals in the new environment of their college life.

Experiential Learning

Programme / Course Structure

  • From batch 2016-20 onwards, please refer to the respective department course structure


TEDxSIULavale COUNTDOWN event was organized on 27 November 2021, which was an international event for faculty, staff, students and public, which was a grand success. Eminent speakers were invited to discuss about green initiative drive and climate crisis.

The focus of the discussion was on "Climate Change and its impacts" which covered up five subject areas ranging from Energy, Transport, Materials, Food, and Nature. It is our small effort towards making our planet a better place to live in and motivating as well as inspiring people via thought-provoking talks. 

First Year Book Club

The Applied Science Department has taken a novel initiative for the first year students at SIT by starting a book club named "Epeolatry". The Book club conducted their first book review session on the book “A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink. The club encourages and motivates students to read varied books and critically appreciate them, in this monthly book review activity headed by HOD Applied Science Dr Meena Laad and executed by Dr Neha Divekar. In addition, this activity develops critical thinking, group discussion skills, reading and speaking skills. Book review sessions are conducted on a monthly basis. Books such as “Doughnut Economics" by Kate Raworth, “Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. kiyosaki, “Three Thousand Stitches" by Mrs. Sudha Murthy, "Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly etc. were discussed.The club was active online during pandemic times too.

ISR Activities

Institute Social Responsibility activities are organized to nurture proactive professionals with Values, Knowledge and Skills, which would make them more humane and globally responsible citizens. The Social Initiatives are expected to reinforce the Empathy, Openness, Professionalism, Self Esteem and Ethical behaviour among the students. 

Working with Orphanage
Sangli Food Relief

Drama Club- M.O.S.A.I.C

Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat programme aims to enhance interaction & promote mutual understanding between people of different states/ UTs. The states carry out activities to promote a sustained and structured cultural connect in the areas of language learning, culture, traditions & music, tourism & cuisine, sports and sharing of best practices, etc. in colleges and schools.

The idea of a sustained and structured cultural connect between people of different regions was mooted by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during the Rashtriya Ekta Divas held on 31st October, 2015, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Student’s Achievements

Awards & Accolades of the Department

  • Dr Meena Laad received AICTE grant under Distinguished Visiting Professor scheme.

  • Dr Neha Divekar and Dr Meena Laad received AICTE sanction under SPICES (Scheme for Promoting Interests, Creativity and Ethics among the students).
  • Dr Dipika Jaspal has published 4 International and 1 National Patents, in the domain of wastewater treatment.
  • Dr Meena Laad received Duo India Professor Fellowship from MHRD, Govt. of India to carry a month long research at University of Leeds, UK.
  • Department has 4 International Ph. D. co supervisors from University of Leeds (UK), Queng Hee University (South Korea), Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science (Morocco), Shahid Charman University (Iran).
  • Dr Meena Laad was invited as keynote speaker to the International conferences held at RUDN University (Russia), Gazi University (Turkey, Romania Technical University (Ukraine) and as moderator at Pahang University (Malaysia)
  • Dr Neha Divekar, Convenor and Lead Organizer for TEDx organized TEDxSIULavale COUNTDOWN event on 27 November 2021, which was an international event for faculty, staff, students and public, which was a grand success.

  • Dr Niva Devi was appointed as Speaking Examiner for KET/PET by Cambridge University, UK.
  • Dr Shekhar Bhame, Dr Dipika Jaspal, Dr Ramesh Katta, Dr Neeru Bhagat and Dr Meena Laad are on Editorial Board of high impact International journals.
  • Dr Brajesh Pandey received award at National level for the popularization of Science.

  • Dr Nilisha Itankar received grant from the Patent Office, Govt. of India for her patent on Topic "Method of removal and recovery of hexavalent chromium from effluents by passive-active biological process". The same is published in other countries namely US, Japan, China.
  • Dr Rupali Nagar received research grant by Symbiosis International University in March 2020 on “Graphene Nanosheets from plastic waste for water purification”.
  • Dr Neeru Bhagat lead a Team of 300+ students to successfully help people in need of medical help pan India with the help of SIT Fights Covid.

  • Dr Neha Divekar conducted Corporate trainings at L&T Defence department on Communication Skills, Transactional Analysis, Team building etc. Dr Neha also conducted a training session at Flex, Ltd., Pune on “Empowering Women Leaders” and a session on “Communication skills and Grooming” at Tata Motors.

  • Dr Niva Devi Sharma conducted a Corporate Training on “Communication Skills” for 512 Army Base Workshop (Khadki Ammunitions) on Tuesday, June 07, 2022. The main focus of the workshop was to help them to make short presentations, writing emails, formal and informal letters and reports. 

Industry Colloquy & International Educational Experience through Invited Talks/Workshops/Teaching by International faculty

A forum for interaction between the industry experts and first year students was created to prepare the students with required skills and be mentored by industry experts. The first session was held on Dec. 18, 2020 with distinguished speaker Mr. Jayant Natu, Senior Executive, Trigo India interacted with first year students.

The talk on Space materials was organized by distinguished Professor Dr Kenneth Stanton, Dept. of Material Science, University College, Dublin, Ireland for the First Year students.

Guest Lecture by eminent scientist Prof. Subir Sarkar from Oxford University, UK

A lecture on Cosmology: The Dark matter by eminent scientist Dr Subir Sarkar from Oxford University, UK was organised on May 16, 2022 under Great Talks series organized by the British Council. Prof. Subir Sarkar is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and TIFR, Mumbai. In 2017 he was awarded the prestigious Homi Bhabha Award for his distinguished work in Astrophysics.

Invited Talk by Dr Amit Chattopadhyay, Aston University, UK

A lecture on Data Analytics was organised at SIT on May 16, 2022 by Dr Amit Chattopadhyay from Aston University, UK. Dr Amit visited SIT as part of Exploratory grant received from British Council by the director Dr Ketan Kotecha. Dr Amit also delivered a talk on AI applications in Science and interacted with the faculty of Applied Science Department on May 18, 2022. Dr Amit is the first Indian Marie Curie fellowship winner in Physics and is a former Alexander von Humboldt fellow.

A lecture on Cosmology: The Dark matter by eminent scientist Dr Subir Sarkar from Oxford University, UK was organised on May 16, 2022 under Great Talks series organized by the British Council. Prof. Subir Sarkar is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and TIFR, Mumbai. In 2017 he was awarded the prestigious Homi Bhabha Award for his distinguished work in Astrophysics.

Dr Bhanu Sood, Dr W Kleinert, KSF, Germany Dr Pawan Lingaras, St Mary NASA, USA Univ., Canada

Dr Razee Nalim, IUPUI, USA North Dakota Univ., USA

Dr Kalidas Shetty,

Dr Namkaung, Hyundai Corporation, S. Korea

Dr Soham Sohoni, Milwakee, School of Engg. NASA, USA

Dr Kai Sang Lark, NTU, Singapore

Dr R. Thampi, UCD, Ireland

Dr Henry Schaffer, Georgia Tech Uni., USA

Industry Colloquy

Mr Manuj Desai, CTO, Sterlingtech, Bangalore
Mr Jayant Natu, (HR), Lennox,
Mrs Hema Mani, Sr Manager, Trigo, India Director

Mr V. Kulkarni, Satpute Director, Parijaat,Architect, Persistent
Dr A. Venkatraman, Harvard

Mr Bhushan, Sr Medical School, USA

Dr Monserrat, Seminar on Higher Education in USA
M & M Profuture, Spain

Germany by DAAD