Dr. Neela. R-
Ph.D.(Punjab University), Professor and Head, E & TC department


The department teaches core subjects of E&TC, offers a range of subjects as electives and facilitates industrial projects, all of which prepare the students for a career after their basic degree. Efforts are made to impart as much project based learning as is feasible. Towards this, investments are made in an ongoing manner in having well equipped laboratories, software tools like LABVIEW, MATLAB, SIMULINK to name a few. The department has undertaken industry sponsored research and has started interactions with other Universities and research groups in industry. The department has dedicated faculty and staff who continuously engage in improving teaching methods and undergo faculty development programs and undertake Research.

Guest lecture onGraphs & Electronics for the students of Second year and Third year E&TC by Dr. Shrirang Karandikar, Founder & Partner of The Enki Ecosystem was conducted on 1st September, 2018

Guest Lecture Journey from Telecommunication Service Provider to Digital Service provider ( 2G to 5G ) by Dr Rahul Wargad Asst. General Manager (OSS /BSS) , BSNL Since 2000,Department of Telecommunications, Govt.Of India from June 1998 to Oct 2000 was conducted on 19th February 2019

Industrial visit to Mahindra and Mahindra on 21st February 2019

Etching of electronic circuit in the PCB Lab by second year E&TC students

Industrial visit to 512 Army Base Workshop, Kirkee, Pune on 15th February 2019

Motivational lecture by Pranjul Khanna , SIT alumnus on 15th February 2019