Dr. Neela. R-
Ph.D.(Punjab University), Professor and Head, E & TC department


The department teaches core subjects of E&TC, offers a range of subjects as electives and facilitates industrial projects, all of which prepare the students for a career after their basic degree. Efforts are made to impart as much project based learning as is feasible. Towards this, investments are made in an ongoing manner in having well equipped laboratories, software tools like LABVIEW, MATLAB, SIMULINK to name a few. The department has undertaken industry sponsored research and has started interactions with other Universities and research groups in industry. The department has dedicated faculty and staff who continuously engage in improving teaching methods and undergo faculty development programs and undertake Research.

A Two Day Workshop on
11 & 18 August 2018

An Arduino is a small computer that can be easily programmed and is widely used due to its easy-to-use hardware and software. It is basically designed as an easy tool for fast designing and prototyping a microcontroller based electronic system. The workshop was aimed to introduce second year students to

  • the microcontroller and its peripherals,
  • embedded programming world
  • embedded system development at an early stage of engineering
  • motivate the students for product development by providing hands-on practice

Nearly 20 students from the Second Year Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department (E&TC2017-21 Batch) took part in the workshop. During the workshop, participants developed small projects using Arduino Uno. The project list includes traffic light controller, speed and direction control of DC motor, distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor, obstacle detection and indication, etc.

The workshop was managed and conducted by Prof. Parag Narkhede and Prof. Shripad Deshpande.

Prof. Shripad Deshpande delivering an introductory session


Prof. Shripad Deshpande Solving the participant's doubts

Prof. Parag Narkhede and Prof. Shripad Deshpande with the participants

Prof. Parag Narkhede delivering a session

Participants building a robotic vehicle in the workshop