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Research Area

Mathematical Modelling Fluid Flow, Non-Linear Waves in Gas Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics Magnetism, Nanoscience, Material science, Gas Sensing and Biophysics, Synthesis and Application of High Performance Polymers and Waste Water Treatment, Oxide Based Thermoelectric Materials in Order to Synthesize Different Nano Structures

Monitoring and forecasting lake water quality using internet of things (IOT) and data driven techniques, Forecasting of air quality using soft computing techniques, Studying feasibility of anaerobic digester for integrated waste management, Environmental system optimization, Multi-objective optimization,  Biomedical waste management, Solid waste management, Industrial wastewater treatment, Wave structures interaction Studies, Coastal protection structures, Using remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems for rainfall runoff modelling, land use land cover mapping & river basin flow modelling, Site selection of appropriate water conservation measures, Short term weather forecasting, Water distribution network modelling, Forecasting water demand on different temporal resolution, Storm water quality modelling, experimental studies on pavement performance, passenger car equivalent units for urban areas using modified density method, Composite structures, piezoelectric materials, smart structures, using soft computing techniques in urban planning and development, Recycling of waste materials such as foundry sand, fly ash, blast furnace slag rice husk for low cost concrete & bricks study of special types of concrete like self compacting concrete, light weight concrete, geopolymer concrete, green concrete, comparative study of use of precast technology and conventional technology in building construction, Ground water contamination modelling using software packages, study of liquefaction triggering criterion using shake table test, Engineered solutions for bi-products (e.g fly ash landfills), Environmental Geo-technology. Real property value prediction using artificial intelligence techniques, Application of modelling techniques to Construction management.

Big data Stores, Machine Learning, Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks, Data Mining, Cognitive Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Image Processing and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Mobile Robotics

Image and Signal Processing, Radio Science, Wireless Communication and Multiband Antennas, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Speech Processing, Radio Science, Wireless and Mobile Communication and Multiband antennas, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Automotive Electronics,Solar Photovoltaic Energy.

Manufacturing process, Total Quality Management, Total Process Management and Waste Minimization Nature / Socio Inspired Optimization Techniques, Achieving Lean Manufacturing Through Management of Manufacturing Flexibility in Auto Component Industry, Optimization Algorithms (Constrained), Multi-objective Optimization, Continuous, Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization, Multi-Agent Systems, Cohort Intelligence, Probability Collectives, Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Optimization, Artificial Neural Networks, Nash Equilibrium, Game Theory, Graph Theory, Numerical Methods, Fault-tolerant and Self-healing Systems, Self-organizing Systems, Automotive Engineering, Internal Combustion Engines, Comparison of Various Alloys Using High Pressure Die Casting, Micromachining, Swarm Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Optimization Techniques, Operation Research, Machining of Composites FEA, CAE, Mechanical Vibrations, Solid Mechanics, Linear and Non Linear Analysis, Viscoealstic and Hyperelastic Materials, Fracture Mechanics, ESA, "Study on Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of Natural and Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Composites", Finite Element and Meshfree Methods, Nature inspired Optimization Techniques, Conventional & Non Conventional Machining, Surface Modification of Die Steel Materials and Rapid Prototyping, Tribological Coatings (PECVD), Metal Matix Composites, Polymer Matrix Composites, Rapid Prototyping, Friction Stir Welding, Conventional and Non-conventional Machining, Optimization, Numerical Methods, Cohort Intelligence, Stress Analysis and Optimization, Project Management, Ergonomics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning