Recent Activities


Industry Colloquy

An Initiative by the Dept. of Applied Science, SIT in which the senior executives and Industry experts from multinational companies are invited to interact with the students and mentor them to be ready to work for a multicultural environment in future. The workshops, seminars, talks are organised for the students to help them developing necessary skills required to be a part of a global work force.

Mr Manuj Desai

On November 4, 2020, a workshop was held on Emotional Intelligence at workplace . The resource speaker was Mr Manuj Desai, Global Head Technology Transformation, Sterlite Technologies.
A graduate from George Washington University, USA , Mr Manuj Desai is a senior executive leader with over 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology Industry ̧ has penned several thought-provoking articles published in technical journals and CIO forums
. Has received multiple awards in the past including CIO of the year; is considered amongst one of the most influential leader in the country as a part of the CIO power list.

Mrs Hema Mani

A workshop on “Industry Expectations & Readiness of Graduating Engineers for Industry 4.0” was organised for the students on Jan 15, 2021.
The resource speaker was Mrs Hema Mani, Director - Human Resources (India & China), Lennox India.
Mrs Hema Mani shared her experiences with the students and briefed them on what are the necessary skills required for Industry 4.0 to cope up with the demanding needs of industries for employable, skilled engineers and how the students can prepare themselves during their 4 years of graduation.
It was an enthralling experience for the students to attend the workshop.

Mr Jayant Natu

Mr Jayant Natu, a Senior executive from multinational company Trigo India delivered a talk on “ College to Corporate” on December 18, 2020.
Mr Natu in his very interesting talk explained to the students the various functions of a multinational company, what are the work ethics and how students should focus on developing themselves for a successful career in such companies.

Students Achievements

Sidhant Mathur

Sidhant Mathur, First Year B.Tech (IT) student is invited to HPAIR Harvard Conference (January 2021) and Asia conference(August 2021 in Taipei) on sponsored tickets by Harvard (HPAIR) as an Indian Ambassador and Delegate.

Students of Second Year B.Tech (CS)

Siddhi Joshi, Prachi Mohite and Pritesh Deshmukh students of Second Year B.Tech (CS) developed a low cost ventilator under the mentorship of Dr Meena Laad and presented in Hackathon organised by University of Queensland, Australia on