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Updates on Internationalization at SIT

Webinar Series by International Faculty at SIT

The International cell of SIT has organised a Webinar series of eminent International faculty/Scientists to give an International teaching experience for the students of SIT.

Sr No


Name & Affiliation


1 Dr. Kumar Padmanabh

Dr. Kumar Padmanabh, Senior Researcher EBTIC(a research lab of British Telecom), UAE

Invited Talk on Myths & Reality of IOT/October 5, 20

2 Dr. George Ghinea

Dr. George Ghinea, Professor, Dept. of E & TC, Brunel University, UK

Invited Talk on Sensors/October 13, 2021

3 Dr.Preetam Shah

Dr.Preetam Shah, Professor, MIT, Sydney, Australia

Invited Talk on Cyber Safety /October 23, 2021

4 Dr OlenaMelnyk

Dr OlenaMelnyk,

Associate Professor, Head of the Project Division Research Coordination Office Sumy National Agrarian University, Kiev, Ukraine

Waste Management: A global Concern

October 26, 2021

5 Dr BhanuSood

Dr BhanuSood, 

Chief Engineer Quality and Reliability Division NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,

Washington, USA

Workshop on NASA & its Engineering Aspects/Oct. 28, 20, 2021

6 Dr Sandip Kulkarni

Dr Sandip Kulkarni, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan University, USA

Invited Talk on Recent trends in AI ML /Nov. 2021

7 Mr. Phillip Otter

Mr. Phillip Otter, Deputy Managing Director, Autarcon, Germany

Invited Talk on Water treatment through electrochlorination/ Nov. 2021


Prof. J. NOUDEM CRISMAT CNRS UMR 6508 6 boulevard MaréchalJuin 14050 Caen Cedex 04 France Phone: +33 231 451 366

Talk on Superconducting Materials on Nov. 8, 2021

9 Prof.TuaTumba

Prof.TuaTumba, Dept. Of Electrical Engineering, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia

Invited Talk/Nov. 2021


Ms Monserrat

Ms Monserrat,

Director M & M, Barcelona, Spain

Workshop on Creativity & Innovation on December 3, 2021


MoU signed with International Universities

Symbiosis International University has signed MoUs for Research and Academic collaborations with KTH Royal University, Sweden and Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine.

SIT received Going Global Exploratory Grant by British Council, UK

Director Dr Ketan Kotecha has received Going Global Grant of British Council, UK jointly with Aston University, Birmingham. The proposal titled " Industry-inspired Transnational Education in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning" fetched a grant of £15,000 to be shared with Aston University.This grant is aimed at India-UK partnership for the co-creation of programmes of study. It involves joint creation and teaching of modules, technical events and faculty mobility from either side thereby enhancing opportunities for students in India and UK to experience an international experience. 

Dr Bharat Kale, Director General, C-Met, Pune interacts with the students and researchers of SIT

Eminent scientist and researcher Dr Bharat Kale conducted online workshop, lectures and seminar at SIT during his 4 day visit to SIT and interacted with faculty and students. He was invited as Distinguished Visiting Professor under DVP-INAI scheme of AICTE. Faculty and students explored many collaborative opportunities with C-Met and also explored the possibilities of submitting joint research proposals to funding agencies with C-Met.

Engineering Internship opportunities with Swinburne University, Malaysia

SIT has collaborated with Swinburne University, Malaysia and offered Engineering Internship opportunity to the students of SIT. The students will be supervised by the mentors from SIT and Swinburne University, Malaysia during their entire 6 months’ internship. Students will stay on University campus, Malaysia during the last three months of their internship.