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Library of Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT) came into existence with the establishment of SIT in 2008. The library occupies a place of pride in SIT and plays a very vital role in provision of learning resources for academics and research. It is the most lively place on the campus providing a comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge, and promotes discovery and scholarship. Library is well equipped with latest information technology tools for information collection, processing and retrieval. The collection of books, journals, e-journals, reports and other reading resources are adequate for not only domain specific resources but for also general resources. Books and other resources are regularly augmented and online access to all premier journals as well as full-text & bibliographic databases available in the field of science, technology and allied subjects are provided to faculty, staff and students.

The library uses KOHA, the web centric library management software. It offers a range of services including reference and consultation, membership, circulation, document delivery, resource sharing, information alert, bibliographic and digital library services to the library members. The Library has a team of well qualified personnel to cater to the technological and scientific needs of the institute, supported by an active collection of about-us-the-institute 14,000+ documents maintained in a professional way for quick retrieval.

Monday to Friday                  

09.00 A.M.  - 08.00 P.M.


09:00 A.M.  - 05.00 P.M.

Issue – Return                       

09:00 A.M.  - 04.30 P.M. 



Festivals /Holidays              


During Examinations             

09.00 A.M.  - 08.00 P.M.  ( Monday to Sunday)

During Vacation                      

09:00 A.M.  - 05.00 P.M.  ( Monday to Saturday)

Library Collection







eDatabase Subscriptions


Periodicals (Magazines)

84 (National and International) + 16



Database E-Subscriptions

08 ( From various publisher)



Library Sections

Circulation Section

Stacks books which can be issued to the students and staff.

Reference Section

The Library maintains a separate reference collection consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, CD -ROMs, etc.

Reading Hall

Spacious and well lit reading hall with 170 seating capacity.

Study Room Book

Textbooks recommended by the concerned faculty members for different courses are kept in the
"reading hall copy" collection at the circulation counter for the period specified by the faculty. These books can be used in the library against his/her Identity Card. Only one book can be issued to a student against Identity Card, for an overnight, to be returned the next day by 2 p.m. A late fee of Rs. 05.00 per day is charged for overdue books.
The reading space has been provided where students are allowed to carry their personal books however they are not allowed with their personal books into the main reading area of the library.


Periodical Section

: It`s displays the latest volumes of International and National journals and Magazines.

Library Services

Current Awareness Service:

Information about seminars, workshops, newspaper clippings, articles on various subjects, is made available to users by library.

New Arrival Alert:

Library displays the latest books acquired in the library, for a week, on the display board.

Net based services:

All the notices and information is given through the group mail service of the institute. With the Wi-Fi connectivity in the library students can easily download required documents.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) link:


e-Book link:

(Library members can search the library materials online with availability of reissue for his/her borrowed book.)

Access to e-journals:

Library has subscribed 09 eDatabases through various agencies in India, e-journals covering the following publishers.


IEEE- All-Society Periodicals Package 


ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering)


ASTM-Digital Library (American Society for Testing and Materials)


J-Gate –j-gate engineering and technology


ACCESS Engineering


ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineering)


ACM India (Association for computing machinery)- Computer Engg.


Wiley Blackwell: Comp. Sc. Data System & Tele Comm. Package


ELSEVIER : (Science Direct) Engineering + Computer Science Package

These online resources allows users to search articles instantly by title, subject, publication, country or other fields eliminating random searching through back-files.

Institutional membership:

1)Institutional membership: 
2) British Council Library, Pune.
3) Lifetime membership of Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management, New Delhi.

Collection on personality development:

Library is preparing collection on various subjects like aptitude test, autobiographies, general Knowledge etc. which will help the student to improve their personality.

Inter Library Loan (ILL):

Inter library loan service is provided to Faculty members of Symbiosis Institutes located at various places.

Reading list/ Bibliography compilation:

List of available resources in library is there on OPAC under 'List' option. Readers can use this to access the resources.

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) Audio/Video lectures facility is available in the Institute.

Link: http://nptel.ac.in

  • The normal loan period for books is one week. Students can get 3 books issued at a time for 15 days. Furthermore, one time re-issue facilityis also avaliable
  • Borrowers have to produce their library cards while borrowing library books.
  • No books or library materials may be taken out of the Library until the loan has been recorded. Unauthorized removal of library materials is an offence.
  • Current issues of journals/magazines can be used only in the Library.
  • Reference books/materials are to be used only in the Library. Audio-visual resources are to be used only in the Library or computer lab.
  • Overdue books: Books must be returned by the due date or earlier if recalled by the Librarian. Failure to return a book by the date specified will be treated as an offence.
  • Fine imposed on borrowers for late return of books is Rs.5/-per day per book.
  • Loss or damage of books: Students should check the books before issuing them. At the time of return if the books are torn or pages are missing, the borrower will have to make up for the damage. A borrower is allowed to either replace the lost or damaged book or has to pay twice the market price of the book. All books replaced in this manner must be of the latest edition. If the book is one of a set or series, the whole set or series has to be replaced.
  • Consumption of food is not permitted in the library.
  • No materials like bags, umbrellas, jackets / parcel, mobile phones etc. are allowed in the Library. Adequate storage facility has been provided at the entrance to the Library for these materials. However, files and books may be brought into the library only up to the outer reading area.
  • On leaving the Library, users are required to show books and other items being taken out of the Library.
  • Silence has to be observed in the library.
  • Students must be decently dressed and conduct themselves properly in the library.
  • The library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the library premises if he / she is found to be violating any of the library rules.
  • The library will not accept any responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.