The Entrepreneurship Promotion and Innovation Cell (EPIC), a dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship promoting Cell of Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune has been inspiring students and aspirants since 2014. EPIC is a pre-incubator and exists to create the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship at the campus. It works towards creating the awareness and orienting the young minds towards innovation and entrepreneurship. In its endeavours, EPIC provides the aspirants opportunities to initiate, innovate, organize, lead and get trained in various skills. EPIC has urbanized rich and varied relevant platforms that accommodate the aspirations of the students, alumni, faculty and society. EPIC organizes regularly activities for creating awareness, motivating students and handholding aspirants towards the journey of innovation and entrepreneurship.

As a result, number of aspirants participate in innovation activities and few are turned as innovators and entrepreneurs.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs of SIT

Entrepreneurs of SIT