Report on Reverb 2018

The annual cultural fest of SIT “Reverb” opened up with a beautiful inauguration ceremonyin the Amphitheatre on 20th September 2018, in the presence of Director Dr. Ketan Kotecha, Deputy Director Dr. Akshay Malhotra, Head Cultural Activities Dr. Dipika Jaspal and Head Varsity Dr. Neeru Bhagat, along with the Cultural Secretary, Jay Khedekar and Co-Cultural Secretary Gauri Nigam. The ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp followed by several Cultural performances.

The inauguration was followed by Zumba, with active participation from the faculty, staff and students dancing their hearts out giving a huge start to the fest. The stalls were set up for the day, and witnessed a huge sale for all the food items.  Events like man versus food, FIFA and several games were also organized. The faculty show received a huge participation  not only from the faculty members but also a cheerful audience. The mime act followed by it again received a huge audience. The Blind auditions for Meraki- our singing competition saw 10 top finalists for the next round and so did the dance competition Footloose both of which had an amazing audience to cheer them up. Running along with them were our side events FifaGo and Asteroid escape. The spirits of the crowd lifted with Nishant Suri, a stand-up comedian, preceded by a 10-minute performance by our alumina Anamika Haridas. The Day 1 saw a spectacular ending with the Band Sabali performing for an almost full house and students dancing out to the music. 

Day 2 started on time with the finals of Meraki and Footloose taking place consequently and both receiving a grand audience with even better contestants. With both these events closing on such a great note; we also had a big crowd turning up for the Fashion Show- Vogue Vortex and Mr. and Ms.Sit both the events judged by the small screen celebrity Minnie Rohilla. The faculty Antakshari took place on schedule along with Galactic Pirates and Mobile Gaming side events. Several full day side events namely Dance till it stops, Photo Booth, Nerf Wars, No News is Good News, Jengas and Pool+ were also conducted. The Day 2 ended with 3 consecutive DJ performances viz. Dj Vicky, Dj Amour and Dj Carnivour, one after another. This was followed by a short performance by our inhouse  music band “Kala Jowsh”. A huge turn up for the crowd displayed the enthusiasm the students had for Reverb this year, and active  work by the volunteers of the college.