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Cultural Events

Lohri was celebrated in SIT on 13.01.2020 in the SIT football court with great zeal. Many students and faculty members attended the function.

Reverb 2019 Report

It's always said that a person is connected to his roots forever and so this time with the celebration of the annual cultural fest of SIT-'Reverb', we decided to take it on a beautiful journey of contemporary India.

Reverb involved events from diverse feels which a person might be interested in. It had events ranged from music, dance, art, theatre, literature, food, gaming, fashion and many more. The campus was embellished keeping in mind our culture, ethnicity and diversity.  

Day 1 opened up with an enchanting inaugration ceremony in the amphitheatre on 19th September 2019 , in the presence of Director Dr Ketan Kotecha, Deputy Director Dr Nitin Khedekar, Head of cultural activities Dr Dipika Jaspal, Dr Neeru Bhagat , Prof. Ismail Akbani and HODs of all the branches.

The ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp followed by the singing competition- RAINA BEETE JAAYE, with active participation from all over Pune. The faculty Antakshri induced nostalgia for not only the staff but also the cheerful audience. What followed was the heart throbbing performance by the drama club of SIT- MOSIAC and the final talent/ Entertainment Round of the clash of the sitians.

The stalls with mouth watering were crowded too. Several all day gaming events like blur, tekken and CS 1.6 we're also organized. The dance competition- Boogie Woogie followed by it received a huge audience who danced there heart out with the participants. Our very own fourth year band continued to keep the audience entertained until we had Samay Raina- a stand up comedian (winner of comicstaan season 2) who brought tears of laughter to the audience. Amazing bands like "FIDDLECRAFT" AND "FREQUENCIES" also performed. Day1 ended in high Josh with war of DJs and an almost full house dancing to EDM's and 9xM dj RAVATOR.

Day 2 started with the finals of RAINA BEETE JAAYE followed by jazz with the trainer Kritika Narurkar with active participation of the faculty, staff and the students dancing their hearts out and giving a huge start to the second day. An event in which we found out some amazing talents of our teachers was the Faculty Talent show. Meanwhile a mouth watering event called Man vs Food with three interesting rounds took place. A full day event called Dialogue in the Dark made the participants feel what a blind person feels like in there daily life .This was followed by the final round of dance competition and Mr/Ms SIT. Gorgeous divas came along as the fashion show started with the wedding theme of our college.

Next we had a heart melting performance by our very band KALA JOWSH. The night saw a spectacular ending with a DJ night with some of the best DJ's who made the spectators sway their feet and enjoy incredibly.

Indeed, all the days filled in memories for thousands of students, displaying the handwork with a touch of ethnicity and culture.