Cultural Festival

15th & 16th March, 2018

College! An eventful chapter in student life, from loads of assignments to day off, it’s unlike school where we sit in, hauling till the end of the day. Though much change in studying style is provided, a break is a must. The amount of study and work needed to be done is just as much the increase in the freedom and style in the level rise from being a senior high-school student to freshmen in university.

The whole lot being in its own accord, our dear adults (teachers) of the education system never fails the desire of the students to enjoy and take a leap off all the studying. As always the college had its cultural festival in the even semester, nonetheless due to most of the third years been on internship, the sophomores were given the chance to take up the well known REVERB as a small scale CULTURAL FESTIVAL; especially for all the clubs that toil actively year round.

More specifically, as the Officiating Director quoted in his speech the cultural festival is mainly for all the students and the club members to get together and work as a team and raise self- confidence in communicating with fellow students and peers. The job for each faculty and club were well spread, before weeks of the cultural festival. Every club aiming on doing their best since, the festival is for the clubs to shine and make sure everyone in the campus take pleasure in the greatest.

There were a total of 8 clubs such as EPIC, Literary, Music, Dance, Drama, Varsity, Fine Arts, and Photography. The backbone of the event includes fun games: Antakshari, Tambola and Musical Chair, Fashion show, Accolades and Logistics. All the clubs had the event fully set for the main days 15th and 16th March, 2018.

The bright sun of the day rose as usual, but the bustling of the voices in the college started earlier than usual. Students seen putting up their stalls all ready to go earn money, design team set with the paints for the Fest Wall and the organizing team on mark to begin with the inauguration of the CULTURAL FESTIVAL 2018. By 10:30 in the morning the inaugural ceremony went in full swing with the Officiating Director giving his speech. Students had an ecstatic and joyful performance, not too behind the faculties gave an awe-inspiring and apparently beautiful feat on all time “Zingat” by Kashinath Sir and Dr. Neha’s Classical Dance.

The schedule for the day was packed having back to back happenings. The first day ended by 5pm with fun games like Antakshari and Tambola (Faculties and students). People say age makes one grow appearance but the heart still lives young, truly applicable to our adorable teachers who literally had their lessons going on in the game, of how the markings were done to how other teams were cheating. Two halls were occupied from 15hrs to 16hrs for Antakshari but guess which hall had the loudest cheer? The room filled with faculties, though the audience count was more in the student room.

On the other hand, the fine art club had their eye-striking portraits and art piece exhibition, literary club had the brain boggling Quiz, and Varsity the ever so ready for people with special care had “Dialogue in the Dark”. EPIC never leaving an inch of space in initiating occasions had begun their activities 10:00 in the morning “32 hours Start Up”. Moving to the beats and soothing your ears, the music and the dance club had their preliminaries for the first day.

The second day commenced with the Drama club performing their finales, subsequently the music club set the stage serene with the peaceful Gazal (which later became the winner of the singing competition). This stage had a lot of alumni singing and audience participating on spot. Followed was Zumba an anticipated event of the whole festival, Rohit Nair (instructor) an alumni of the college now being a portfolio manager and a remarkable choreographer made the awaited episode of the day the most happening and marvellous.

Amid each hour passing the day was getting passionate and frenzy for the dance battle within the departments with Mechanical going on to stand as the winner for the face-off. To cheer the audience onto the next voyage, the faculties Fashion Show shimmered like the gems. Accumulating all the fun, drama club gave their overwhelming mime act. To close the shutter of the cultural festival, students conferred their cat like walk on the ramp.

All beginning lead to an end and all ending fetches new season, the cultural festival for 2018 ended with an incredible reminiscence to be cherished and rejoiced. To those who couldn’t make it to the occasion; a miss and a pity. Nonetheless, it’s more the reason they look forward to the next one and be a part of the event where everyone has taken so much effort to put up in one piece. A big round of applause to all the amazing people who made it happen.