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Students Club/Societies

Keeping in view the all-round development of students, various clubs like music and dance club, photography club, fine arts society, innovation and creativity cell, green cell etc. have been started. The students of SIT actively organize and participate in various activities of these clubs and societies. Mechanical Engineering Students Association (MESA) is very active in promoting technical and literary skills of the students. The club V@rSITy-care of SIT is committed to spreading social awareness and community service amongst the students. The literary society at SIT was developed in order to make students more familiar and buff up their skills in literature, oratory, debates and writing.

Students, with due guidance from faculties, manage various Students’ Departmental Societies like Civil Engineering Society of Symbiosis (CESS), Mechanical Engineering Students Association(MESA), Google Club (Computer Science and Information Technology- Departmental Technical Society) and IEEE Student Chapter (Electronics and Telecommunication Department). A multitude of activities/events are organized under these Students’ Departmental Societies.

1) MESA:-


MESA was born in 2011 with a motive to provide a common platform for innovative technical ideas to students, right from the nativity of Mechanical Engineering Students Association (M.E.S.A) , the club has experienced fondness across all branches and allures all mechanical engineering students. The club has been growing dynamically from its embryonic stage here at SIT and has advanced amidst the years and turned out to be the most substantial and talked about committees. MESA has been organizing technical events in a euphoric environment with a blend of merriment to them. The club has also organized various technical workshops in collaboration with some of the most zestful personalities on the technical front. Students have the opportunity and choose to join MESA for many reasons: pursuit of individual interests, career networking opportunities, social camaraderie and acceptance towards innovative ideas.

Some of the recent events conducted by M.E.S.A in 2019-20 are
  • Robo Wars
  • Projectile launch
  • Aqua robotics
  • Survival warfare
  • Doodle competition
  • KTI ( know thy institute)
  • Industry 4.0 Seminar
Student Review -

From being inexperienced volunteers to learning to lead the entire club, MESA has played a significant role in our personal as well as professional growth. While organizing various events including the Techfest (Mechronos) seems like a monumental task, but the team never failed to give their best which further motivated us, and is one of the biggest reasons why if you are in MESA, you could be the, 'go to person' in your college. We highly recommend our batchmates and juniors to be a part of the committee and witness yourself being transformed.

Pranav Dixit & Pooja Singh (MESA Student Heads, 2020-21)

2) CESS:-

Civil Engineering Society of Symbiosis [CESS] represents current students as well as faculty as its members within the Civil Engineering Department at SIT. Civil Engineering Society of Symbiosis [CESS] was formed on 11/01/2012. OBJECTIVE

Civil Engineering society of Symbiosis [CESS] was formed with key objectives as

  • To showcase and sharpen student's talents through a variety of events and activities planned throughout the year.
  • To develop insight for responsible attitudes, skill sets, values, team work while establishing quality consciousness and demand driven, self-relevant centre of excellence.
  • To showcase their potential and help those to face the real time challenges related to the profession.
  • To give our students practical insight into civil engineering by organizing field or industrial visits throughout the year thus giving them a chance to interact with key personnel of the industry and augment their classroom learning.
  • Apart from the technical aspects, it also undertakes the responsibility of proper nurturing of students by organizing some social and awareness events as a part of

3) Developer Students Clubs:-

Developer Student Clubs help students bridge the gap between theory and practice. These university-based communities cater to students interested in Google developer technologies. Students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment while building solutions for local businesses. Developer Student Clubs is a community where everyone is welcome.
Developer Student Clubs is a program supported by Google Developers.

The recent events of Developer Student Clubs, Symbiosis Institute of Technology (DSC SIT) chapter include:

  • #GCPCrashCourse to empower students with skills on Google Cloud Platform
  • Explore Machine Learning (ExploreML) to give students a jumpstart into Machine Learning with hands-on Codelabs and supplementary concepts
  • Mentoring students for Hashcode 2020 to solve engineering problems

DSC SIT also conducts continuous student engagement via:

  • IntraClubs (in odd semesters) to get students started on a Technology track of their preference
  • Project Groups Program (in even semesters) to reinforce skills learned previously, by developing solutions to empower communities with Technology
  • Competitive Programming, workshops (Android, Game Development, Git, etc.), live stream events/guest sessions and Tech talks throughout the semester.

To Visit Website:-Click Here

4) EPIC:- The Entrepreneurship Promotion and Innovation Cell [EPIC] is an active student body at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, formed with the intention of promoting entrepreneurial spirit and culture for innovation among the students. It conducts various events to expose the students to the world of entrepreneurship and to inculcate in them the spirit for innovation and creativity. EPCI aims at creating an environment in the campus wherein the students prefer to think beyond the routine campus jobs and enthusiastically come forward to embrace the journey of entrepreneurship. It also aspires to motivate students to believe in themselves and their creative instincts. EPIC intends to support the students to come up with innovative and creative solutions for the problems faced by society / industry.

Student Experience:-

Being a part of the ecell  of the college was not just an opportunity but a path finder.The activities we conducted,the networking sessions we had,the ideas we churned out through innumerous brainstorming session has not only led to recognition of the ecell and the college at a national level but self improvement and realization.EPIC made me do a SWOT analysis of myself to sum it up.

The journey ever since I joined the club was extremely excruciating at the start but rewarding in the end.In the journey as it should be,all the three my- college,my ecell and me have been  distinguished separately and collectively,various times. I say “Multiple opportunities lie in front of you, but to be an opportunist or not is a choice you make! "
-Bishal Gupta (SYCS)

5) Varsity care:

The social awareness club- V@rSITy-carewas inaugurated in 2014 to provide a platform to the students who want to use what they learn in the classroom to help the society directly. Through the activities conducted by the club we strive to inculcate empathy, compassion and a sense of social responsibility in these young budding engineers.

The activities undertaken by the club so far are:

  • Interaction with the children of orphanage and providing them guidance towards their career goals (orphanage visits).
  • Spreading awareness about-us-the-institute conserving the natural resources (Earth hour and Earth day).
  • Teaching about-us-the-institute hygiene and other necessary and general topics to the students of Zila Parishad Prathmik Vidyalaya.
  • Teaching spoken English and use of smart phones to security guards.
  • Spreading awareness about-us-the-institute various issues of societal relevance via competitions and campaigns and drives
  • Organizing cleanliness (Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan) and blood donation drives.
  • Working for public and animal welfare

6) WWR:-

Wrench Wielders Racing (WWR) is the Formula Student team of Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune. We are a team brimming with technology and speed in our hearts.

Our motto:

  • "Passion Rides Within" !

What We Do -

  • We design, manufacture, test and race open cockpit Formula 1 type cars in national level competitions.
  • We use all our cutting edge design and simulation knowledge to build racing machines that are not only fast but also sophisticated from the ground up.

Our Achievements -

  • 2nd place in the design event at SAE SUPRA 2018 (among more than 100 participating teams !).
  • All India Rank 12 in SUPRA 2019 among 120 teams from engineering colleges all over India !!

FSEV Concept Challenge 2020:

Wrench Wielders Racing Electric participated in the FSEV concept challenge 2020, which is a virtual design presentation for EV powertrain design. The event focuses on powertrain and drivetrain design and selection, battery and accumulator design, thermal management, HV and LV systems, procurement timeline of components and team management. Nine students from the team participated in the event and competed against 37 national and international teams. WWR Electric bagged the 3rd position in Battery design, 9th in Powertrain and 10th in EV presentation, scoring 46 out of 50 points in technical review. The team received positive feedback from the judges and is now working on completing the design of the complete car.

The Road Ahead -

Keeping pace with the industry shift towards electric vehicles, we are now designing our first all Electric Car for the 2021 season !!

Follow us - Instagram - @wrenchwieldersracing


Introduction to the Club

Editors, scriptwriters, actors, and theatre marketers unite to form the well represented and popular drama club of Symbiosis Institute of Technology, The MOSAIC.

This drama community focuses on giving each member and participant a platform to showcase their unique talents in their own way, without any prejudices in terms of class, creed, colour or gender. This is an all-inclusive club which provides and nurtures freedom of expression within the disciplinary boundaries of the Institute.

From a goofy satire to nail-biting horror, there is not a single genre that it does not welcome and experimented with. Even if there's a plot that does not find a place outside the realms of the college; the MOSAIC will always allow you to perform it.

This drama platform allows you to stay authentic with yourself while building your personality in the process. It teaches you the virtue behind essential skills like teamwork, communication, confidence, leadership and time management, to name a few. It allows you to explore different sides of filmmaking as you become familiar with the actual filmmaking process - and encourages you to venture into fields outside your comfort zone.

The best part about it is that all this takes place in a genuinely enticing and fun manner! After all, who doesn't like films and charades?

The activities taken by the club include, but are not limited to, Social Media Content Creation, Event Celebrations, Podcasts, Skits, Short Films, and anything you can attach the word drama to!

Instagram Link for MOSAIC:https://www.instagram.com/themosaics_/

Mail ID:mosaic@sitpune.edu.in