Project Semester: Concept, Objectives, Conduct and Quality Aspects

Project Semester is an internship of six month duration in industry in which the student undertakes projects and completes these projects to the full satisfaction of industry.


The emphasis in project semester is on undertaking projects and problem solving in the industry. The idea of an internship of six months stems from the realization that a short internship of 6 to 8 weeks is not sufficient for any meaningful and effective learning on the part of students. For industry also short internship is not useful as they are not able to contribute in such a short period. Project semester programme of SIT has been designed and monitored in a way that benefits all, the students, the institute and the industry. The student undertakes projects under a mentor from industry as also a faculty mentor. The faculty member closely monitors the progress of the students and also undertakes at least two visits to the concerned industry. At the end of the term there is a joint evaluation either in the Institute or in the industry.


  1. To expose the students to real life working in the industry and practical aspect of theory learnt in classes.
  2. To inculcate among students the skills of problem solving using a systematic approach as also to sensitize them about-us-the-institute the importance of time limits for completing the projects.
  3. To create a mutually beneficial scheme for both the industry and the academic institutes. Students and the Institute benefit in terms of practical knowledge skills and the industry benefits by making use of students on projects.

Conduct of Project Semester and Quality Aspects

Utmost care is taken to ensure the quality of the project semester programme. Following steps are taken for the purpose:

  1. Choice of the industry: The industry is chosen very carefully keeping in mind the standing and status of the company, availability of projects, a will to deploy students on these projects and a faith in the institutes and students regarding their capability to successfully complete these projects.
  2. Regular follow up of the projects semester: Once the student is placed in an organization the institute maintains a regular contact with him/her and monitors his/her performance. For this purpose, a faculty member is appointed as a mentor. Similarly, a mentor is designated from the industry. The faculty mentor visits the industry twice during the project semester of the students and evaluates their performance.
  3. Regular and Joint evaluation: On each visit, the faculty mentor monitors the progress of the student and evaluates him/her using a designated performa. He meets the seniors in the industry and takes their feedback for evaluation. Towards the end of the internship, a joint evaluation is carried out either in the industry or in the institute.



Faculty Incharge

Contact Details

1 CSE/IT/AIML Dr. Sonali Kothari, Dr. Sudhanshu Gonge, (Ph:- 02039116455 )
2 E&TC Prof. Kunal Shejul; (Ph:-02061936474)
3 Mechanical Dr. Ravi Shekhar; (Ph:- 02061936437)
4 Civil Engineering Prof.Humera Khanum; (Ph:- 02039116483)

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