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March 22nd TED Blog

Conducted on: 22 March 2019

Bill Gates a true philanthropist hopes to solve some of the world’s biggest problems using a new kind of philanthropy. In this video he has presented two big questions to the audience and made people think about applicable solutions to those problems. He has shared his optimism and knows how life can get better. Though the world is surrounded with diseases and poverty; the best of humanity will be seen.

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March 8st TED Blog

Conducted on:8 March 2019

It is important to be like children forever inquisitive, ready to learn and challenge oneself to grow in life. Graham Shaw teaches people how to draw cartoon characters in a very easy manner. It is his innovative attempt to turn people from being non believers into believers. If one is determined one can move the mountains and make life powerful and exciting!! He insists and advocates the concept of revolutionizing the message to create an impact on the audience. Graham has authored many books on Business Communication; wherein he coaches people to be creative and get one’s message across in a memorable way.

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March 1st TED Blog

Conducted on:1 March 2019

This week a discussion took place on two award winning animated films. The film starts on a pessimistic note but ended on an optimistic one. It is all about the hardships, struggles, leadership, management of life and surmounting them. Pagan goes on a journey, trying to save his tribe from extinction, being the leader he has to put up a front. He represents hope for his people, which he cherishes in a box. The second film is about a monk who works at a monastery and craves to meditate just like one of Shaolin monasteries. To enjoy the enigmatic ending of this film explore it and paint it with your interpretations!!

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February 22nd TED Blog

Conducted on:22 February 2019

Captain Raghu Raman was an officer in the Indian Armed Forces and then joined the Government as CEO of the National Intelligence Grid. This video is about his experiences while he was an army officer and the lessons he learnt at that time. These lessons can be life-changing for any person and are beneficial for the layman also. Indeed, it is an inspiring and insightful talk!!

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January 11th TED Blog

Conducted on:11 January 2019

Do you know everything about time-management? If the answer is “yes”, think again as your perspective would change after seeing this TED. This video is a must watch if want to be more productive, lead a fruitful life and want to multiply your time so that you can achieve more in less time. Rory Vaden, a self-discipline Strategist-has penned books like Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time which are #1 Wall St Journal and #2 New York Times bestsellers. In this TED, he has explained in a very interesting and lucid manner, why one can’t solve today’s time-management challenges with yesterday’s time-management strategies.

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October 12th TED Blog

Conducted on: 12 October 2018

One of the toughest endeavours known to mankind is solo nonstop circumnavigation of the globe, a feat successfully accomplished by Commander Abhilash Tomy KC an eminent sailor of India and also a pilot in the Indian Navy. He happens to be the first Indian and second Asian to do so. Abhilash wrote a new chapter in India’s rich maritime history; he had set sail from Mumbai on November 1 2012 in the sail boat INSV Mhadei. He surmounted wave heights of 9-10 meters and wind speeds in excess of 100 kmph; being solitary, thousands of kms away from the nearest land with no external help of any kind. Abhilash and his iconic boat are proud symbols of stoicism, grit of the highest order, displaying what Indians are capable of achieving. To know his adventure in detail please see the link given below.

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October 05th TED Blog

Conducted on: 05 October 2018

“Where there is ruin; there is hope for treasure”. - Rumi

Want to look at food and life in a new perspective then this is the book -Buried Seeds –A Chef’s Journey (The Story of Vikas Khanna) by Karan Bellani. It is a story about how disability, pain, hurt and poverty can be turned into success. How magic is found; if one has courage to find it. Vikas is an embodiment of humility to the core. A person who believes that real strength lies in sticking to the roots-one’s family, culture and traditions. Through the book Vikas has also spread the message of Sewa-unconditional service to humanity. A beautiful true story about finding one’s passion and converting it into an art and life goal. His life was full of trials and tribulations but he grew into a full tree as the seeds for hard work and success were already sown. Faith, belief, unflinching trust in one’s ability is the key to rise above all is the take away.

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Link for the Talk

September 28th TED Blog

Conducted on: 28 September 2018

Tim Urban a Harvard graduate, a musician is also well known for his blog- “Wait but Why”, a blog about procrastination. In this Ted he has explained the process of procrastination and the difference between the brain of a master procrastinator and a prompt rational thinker in a lucid and funny manner; which makes the video engaging. If you want to find out how to beat procrastination go to his blogs and yes!! Don’t miss his interesting drawings!!

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September 14th TED Blog

Conducted on: 14 September 2018

This video is about the fundamental mismatch between science and business based on the book “Drive” written by Dan Pink. Business rely on incentives to motivate people but science suggests that it won’t work. To increase the efficiency of people, employees should be given autonomy over their work, a larger sense of purpose. Dan suggests that employees should be given 80/20 time to encourage creativity. Making progress is more engaging for people. Dan encourages to get over the ideology of “carrots Vs sticks” and make business robust.

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September 7th TED Blog

Conducted on: 7 September 2018

This session started with screening of a video of Tao Porchon Lynch who is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher” known for her skill and flexibility. She is the very epitome of beauty, fearlessness and strength. “Breathe deeply, think good thoughts, keep moving your body and do what you love!” Tao advises.

This video was followed by an exciting TED talk given by Dr. Wendy A. Suzuki- a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University. She is promoting exercise which is not only the magical formula to get fit but can be a life-changing experience for a person. Exercise impacts the way brain functions and makes a person more creative. One can notice striking improvements in mood, memory, attention, focus not only that but it also lowers risk of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. To know more please see the link given below and read the following book, “Healthy Brain, Happy Life: A personal Program to Activate Your Brain and Do Everything Better” and especially do the brain hack exercises that are given in the book. So, friends, don’t skip your workout.

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Link for the Talk:2

August 31st TED Blog

Conducted on: 31 August 2018

Do you want to see creativity at its best? Then this TED is a must watch!! The last day of the month ended on an interesting note. Ted Talk was combined with Book Review. Tom Hum the mic master is a one man orchestra; also Australia’s prominent beatboxer. This TED gives us a fantastic glimpse of talent embedded in a person’s throat and Tom is great at exploring the potentials in creating a musical tool in his throat.

Predictably Irrational written by Dan Ariely, the Professor of Behavioral Economics at MIT is a fascinating book worth reading as there is plenty of fodder to discuss it in a Book club. It is all about the predispositions that affect our judgment. All problems are addressed in a very simple manner which is another reason for the success of the book. An uncommon topic written in a common way to comprehend the tricks our mind plays on us.

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August 24th TED Blog

Conducted on: 24 August 2018

Blockchain is a database and the technology behind Bitcoin; the operating system behind the economy. It is just the beginning of the countless prospects the technology offers and has replaced the customary mediators in pecuniary businesses. According to Don Topscott, CEO of Tapscott group, Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize our world from banking, trade, economy to government and even our identities. It is all about how we exchange value. It is a trust building technology which is world-changing.

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August 17th TED Blog

Conducted on: 17 August 2018

Modesty and capability goes hand in hand. What really makes a person likeable? Adam Grant an organizational psychologist at the Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania; also author of the book “Give and Take” states that revealing vulnerability aids in building connections. Asking questions, give other people a chance to talk and taking help makes one appear more human and helps in building trust. The key to win others is using relationship-based emotionally intelligent persuasion. Although, one cannot undermine the fact that first it is important to master the strengths before unveiling the soft spots. Ultimately, it is all about taking the best approach when working with others.

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August 10th TED Blog

Conducted on: 10 August 2018

Want to stay young and live longer- then Socialize!!

People who stay connected and have healthy relationships with friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues live longer according to research. Low social interaction is as lethal as inactivity and diseases. Social interaction is as important today as exercising and maintaining a healthful diet. It is the ultimate elixir mantra in the twenty-first century. Electronic blackout is the need of the hour; where people will deliberately cut off technology and interact with each other to foster and nurture good relationships.

So, create a social vibe and notice the water as if you are a fish!!!

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July 27th TED Blog

Conducted on: 27 July 2018

27 July session started on a lighter note. It was all about the battle of sexes and the message conceived can be that true beauty lies in embracing the differences. This hilarious video will surely make you think that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Some sessions are meant to be discussed and some are meant to have fun!!

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July 20th TED Blog

Conducted on: 20 July, 2018

If you think your choices are based on logic and reason, think again. We have less control over our behaviour than we believe. We are not as rational as we think. Why do we spend a large amount on a lavish meal in a fancy restaurant but cut out coupons to get a discount in a grocery store? Emotions, expectations, social norms affect our reasoning according to behavioural economist Dan Ariely. We are rational when it comes to important decisions in our life like investing in stock markets, jobs, and health-care but still we make biased decisions in some areas of our life. Ariely advises people how to break this pattern and make decisions.

If you are in for a real intellectual treat please watch this TED Talk link: Click here

July 13th TED Blog

Conducted on 13 July, 2018

We at SIT not only value the knowledge but also our intellectual capital, and nurture it through a perfect blend of TED talks and group discussions. Book reviews and group discussions about TED talks are organized and conducted every week for the faculty, where novel and breakthrough ideas are shared and discussed. “Epeolatry” the faculty Book club and TED club truly replicates the motto of Symbiosis “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. The faculty participates with full gusto and loves to impart the knowledge and ideas to the students. TED club for students is also on the way and will be functional in a week.

Last week’s TED talk was on “Biomimicry”. The term Biomimicry has been derived from the Greek word “bios”, which means life and mimesis, which means to imitate. Biomimicry is the pathway to innovation. It is generally believed that only poets and writers turn to nature for inspiration but now designers, architects and engineers are turning to nature to innovate and change the face of the earth.

The content in this blog would amaze you through a few examples from different genre. To begin with, termite mounds were the real heroes behind the conception of The Eastgate Shopping center in Harare, Zimbabwe designed by architect Mike Pearce. Irrespective of the temperature outside, the temperature inside the termite mound stays constant. Heating and cooling vents are opened and closed throughout the day to maintain the temperature. The Eastgate saves a lot of energy, to be precise it uses only 10% as compared to the conventional buildings; thereby leading to lower rental rates. Natural objects have the key for efficacious solutions; with the aid of minimum resources sustainability can be targeted. 

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Water is crucial to sustain any civilization. Technology derived from beetles has come to the rescue of humans to enable clean water harvesting. The Stenocara beetle residing in the African Namib dessert is skilful in pulling water out of thin air. Beetles collect moisture from the morning fog through the means of the nodes on their back. The droplets get collected towards the beetles mouth by sliding off the bumps. Biometric patterns are being developed by the academicians to harvest water from the air. Nature has an exhaustive balm to which humans turn time and again.

Thus, nature never did betray the heart that loved her!!

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