StartupCon 2020


E-Week is the entrepreneurship week conducted by Entrepreneurship Promotion and Innovation Cell(EPIC). It was 2 day event conducted on 12th and 13th of February 2020. The signature events of the E-Week were

  • Lights Camera Entrepreneur

  • This was the event in which a group of participants had to go and interview any entrepreneur, edit the video that they made to make it more creative and appealing and submit it. This was a completely online event and we received participants from outside colleges too. We received a total of 18 entries for the same.

  • Wall Street Survivor

  • A stock market, equity market or share market is the aggregation of buyers of stocks which represent ownership claims on businesses; these may include securities listed on a public stock exchange, as well as stock that is only traded privately, such as shares of private companies which are sold to investors through equity crowdfunding platforms. Investment in the stock market is most often done via stock brokerages and electronic trading platforms. Investment is usually made with an investment strategy in mind. This is important to students too. We received a total of 31 entries for the same.

    There were also workshops focusing on the overall development of students as well as to introduce them to the entrepreneurial mindset.


  • StoryTelling Workshop:

  • The society we live in today could not exist without the influence from past generations. Human beings, as creatures of habit and tradition, hand down lessons and knowledge from one generation to the next. We pride ourselves on leaving a legacy of knowledge for our descendants to utilize. Our ability to learn from our ancestors' past decisions and use that knowledge to give ourselves an insight to our own problems gives us an advantage rarely found in other species, that of a communal knowledge pool. Our tradition of storytelling facilitates this transfer of knowledge. As a result, storytelling remains to this day the single most important tradition humans participate in. We received 100 registrations for the same. To inculcate this aspect in the students person invited was:
    Aman Zaidi
    Unlocking "Peak Performance" for organisations Facilitation | Coaching | Business Storytelling | Experiential Education|

  • Image Management Workshop:

  • Image Management is creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive, and affordable personal and/or professional Image which increases your confidence, credibility, capability, and productivity while contributing to continuing success.It is an effective way to attract others—to encourage others to regard you favorably and with continued interest. Positive self-presentation is an open invitation to become acquainted with the person inside. It is an effective way to influence the opinion or actions of others. Effective Personal Image Management aids you in achieving personal and professional success. We decided to conduct this workshop as it would help students preparing for interviews for placements, internships, other presentation competitions as well as in the future. We received 120 registrations for the same The person invited for this was:
    Maria P.
    Founder ı Mind Mentor ı Skill Gap ı Self Care

  • Digital Marketing Workshop:

  • Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet. Enter digital marketing -- in other words, any form of marketing that exists online. We received 97 registrations for the same. Skills such as digital marketing are important for students aspiring to entrepreneurs invited was:
    Adit Chouhan
    An Author of two books, a serial Entrepreneur with multiple ventures, a passionate Digital Marketer, a pragmatic Marketing Trainer/ Coach and a professional Corporate Anchor, Adit is a multi-faceted personality. He is an aggressive Networker and an assertive Leader. A true Believer in his dreams, he is a successful and truly inspiring story in the making.


  • Lego Serious Play:

  • Lego Serious Play is a methodology that helps teams to become more effective by fostering creativity, sharing and reflecting. During these sessions, teams build metaphors while they play with LEGO bricks. Its goal is fostering creative thinking through team building metaphors of their organizational identities and experiences using LEGO bricks. The technique requires people use LEGO bricks to follow through a series of structured exercises during which they build things that represent metaphorically their personal or business challenges. The person invited for this was:
    Laxman Murugappan
    Helping to Solve Problems, Change Perspectives, Transcend Experiences & Empower Business using LSP & Custom Board Games.


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