Deputy Director Academics

Dr. Arundhati. S. Warke

Dr. Arundhati. S. Warke
Deputy Director Academics, Ph. D. (Mathematics)


Professor in Mathematics, Deputy Director Academics, Symbiosis Institute of Technology.

Dr Arundhati Warke is academician and administrator involved in development of Symbiosis Institute of Technology. Her 37 years of teaching and administrative experience in various engineering colleges itself talks about her contribution in various academic and administrative activities. She has worked at different committees at Institute and university level, and also as a project leader in curriculum revision at Maharashtra state board of technical education.

Her research interest areas are Mathematical Modelling of fluid flow, Blood flow, non-linear partial differential equations, Modelling of mass transfer.

She has more than 50 papers published in international journals /presented at international conferences. Her 3 book chapters are published in books published by Springer. She is also a guide to doctoral as well as master students working on the various field of Mathematical modelling, non-linear partial differential equation representing real life phenomena. She is a reviewer of international journals and conferences.

She was a keynote speaker and advisory member in an international conference in advances in communication and computing technology (ICACCT 2018) and also conducted tutorials on Mathematical modelling in IEEE conferences in 2012 and 2017. Recently she is working as an advisory board member of reputed engineering college in Maharashtra. She has also delivered several talks related to Application of Mathematics and Mathematical modelling in various engineering Institutes.

Dr. Arundhati Warke believes in adopting the changes in current technology and reforms in academic process including skill-based education.