Deputy Director Academics

Dr. Arundhati. S. Warke

Dr. Arundhati. S. Warke
Professor in Mathematics,
Deputy Director Academics,
Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune


Within the dynamic field of engineering, SIT is at a forefront of technological innovations, where the combination of expertise, technology, and creativity drives our group's pursuit of excellence. SIT serves as a centre for creativity, a lighthouse for learning, and a place where ideas come together to form the future. The foundation of the success of our institute is the dedication of faculty members to academic rigor, research endeavours, and mentoring. Their commitment in developing the next wave of engineers has an influence on students' lives outside of the classroom. Our primary goal has consistently been to bring out the best attribute in students’, shaping them into professionals with ethical and moral values.


Dr. Arundhati Warke is academician and administrator involved in development of Symbiosis Institute of Technology. Her 40 years of teaching and administrative experience in various engineering colleges itself talks about her contribution in various academic and administrative activities. She has worked at different committees at Institute and university level.

Her research interest areas are Mathematical Modelling of fluid flow, Blood flow, non-linear partial differential equations, Modelling of mass transfer. She is also a guide to doctoral as well as master students working in the above research areas representing real life phenomena.

She has more than 75 papers published in international journals /conferences and also contributed 3 chapters those are published in Springer book series. Five students have completed their doctoral under her guidance. She is a regular reviewer of reputed international journals and conferences.

She is a member of board of studies, advisory board of various institutes. She is a keynote speaker and advisory member in international conferences and delivered several talks related to Application of Mathematics, Mathematical modelling and critical thinking and problem solving.

Dr. Arundhati Warke believes in adopting the changes in current technology and reforms in academic process including skill-based education